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Antonio Brown Net worth, wife, age, salary and professions

Antonio Brown is an American footballer who is a member of the New England Patriots and playing as a professional wide receiver. He had a passion and love for football since a very young age and worked hard to get all the achievements. He has now become one of the highest football players and has been giving a great performance which his fans love and enjoy.

Bio, early life and hardships

Antonio was born on 10th July 1988 and raised in Miami; Florida. He is currently 31 years old. He has a young brother and lived a difficult life in his childhood. He had to stay without a guardian most of the time which was a thing of sadness for him. His father was also a skilled football player. Antonio often states in his interviews that he regrets not taking many tips from his father when he was growing up.

His height is 5 feet and 10 inches and many believed that he may not be able to get much of success due to his short height. He made sure to prove all such critics wrong and went ahead to become one of the most dependable and bankable players in the NFL. His parents got divorced when he was 16 years old and his mother got married to a new man. Antonio could not get along with his stepfather and left home to live on his own. He had to sleep at a friend’s house and lived in an area which was surrounded by gangs and dangerous people

Professional career

Antonio got into football by signing a contract with Pittsburgh Steelers and played good games because of which he was selected to play for Pro Bowl. He became the first player to get 1000 yards. During 2017 he was ranked as one of the top NFL players and he did that again in 2018 too. He continued to play with Steelers and again his contract for renewed for another few years. Later he joined Oakland Raiders but had to miss few games because of his injuries after that in 2019 he got an offer to sign a contract with New England Patriots which was worth $ 15 million along with a heavy bonus.

Net worth, salary and house

The net worth of Antonio has been estimated to be $31 million as of 2019. He is one of the highest paid NFL players of this generation. He owns a big house and has many cars as his sons love to have new cars often.

He has two mansions one in Florida and another in Pittsburgh and both the mansions are very luxurious with 12 bedrooms, gym, pool and a home theater. He loves to watch movies in home theater with his family.

Antonio brown relationship status

Most of the people are curious to know whether Antonio is in a relationship or married. Antonio is not yet married but is a father of five children. Two children are from his previous relationship while three sons are from his current and long time girlfriend named Chelsie Kyriss. They are known to be in love and have been going strong since many years. He is family oriented man and shares regular pictures of his beautiful children with fans. His sons are cute and grownup and one of them would also like to pursue his father’s profession.

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Career Achievements

  • Antonio made history by getting 1000 yards in a single year
  • He has been ranked 4 among all players in NFL 2017
  • He was then ranked as the second best among his rivals in NFL 2018
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