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Annu Mari Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Personal Relationships & Other Details

Annu Mari is a popular Indo- Japanese actress and she has gained a lot of popularity in Japan and some other parts of the world. She is known for playing exciting roles that have a lot of margins when it comes to performance. Fans will be surprised to know that she didn’t only have acting talent but other skills too. She has done her own stunts in both Ultraman and Kamen Rider series. The actress is known for working in Branded to Kill (1967), Ultraman: A Special Effects Fantasy Series (1965), and Cruelty of Women’s Lynch Law (1969). If you want to know more about this talented lady here is all you need to know.

Bio and Early Life

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The real name of Annu Mari is Vasanthidevi Sheth. She was born on May 20th, 1948 in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. Her father is from India while her mother is from Japan. Since her young age, she was interested in the field of acting. She has got two other sisters and they are both in the entertainment industry too. Her sister Prabha Sheth is a model and Yuka Kumari is an actress. After completing her education she wanted to pursue her acting career. Her acting skills were good and she had already learned them from an academy.

Personal Life and Net Worth

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Annu Mari believes in the constitution of marriage and is married to conductor Yoshikazu Fukumura. They both are going strong as a couple. She is 73 years old currently and there is no information about her kids. The total net worth of this talented actress is $1-$5 million. The source of income is her acting career as the career graph is quite good.

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Annu has done many films and TV shows till now. The critics and fans have appreciated his acting skills. The films that she has done performed well at the box office. She even got a lot of nominations in most of the prestigious award functions. Branded to Kill, cruel Female Love Suicide, and Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish have become some of her most popular films.

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  • 1968 The spiders no dai-shingeki    Michiko Yashiro
  •  Ultraseven
  •  Nippon gerira jidai      Julie
  • Yoru no tehaishi
  • 1968 Dorifutazu desu yo! Bôken bôken mata bôken
  • 1968 Shinobi no manji         Aya
  •  Konto gojugo-go: Seiki no daijukuten Mako Komori
  • 1969 Zankoku onna rinchi
  • 1970 Cruel Female Love Suicide     Mari
  • 1970 Jack no irezumi
  • 1971 Kamen Rider
  • 1972 Furyo bancho ichimou dajin
  • 2002 Ashita ga Aru sa: The Movie   Party Guest
  • 2003 Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish
  • 2016 Hanadama: Gen’ei


Here is a quick and interesting trivia that is mentioned below:

  • Fans will be surprised to know that she has performed her own stunts in Ultraman and Kamen Rider series
  • Both her sisters are popular as Prabha Sheth is a model while Yuka Kumari is an actress
  • Her father is from Japan and her mother is an Indian
  • She got married to the love of her life conductor Yoshikazu Fukumura
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