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For All Mankind Season2: Cast, Release Date and All You Need To Know

For All Mankind is a drama series and has a backdrop of space. Season 1 of For all Mankind is available on Apple TV + and if you haven’t watched the show yet then you must give it a try because it is unique and entertaining. Apple has a streaming service with the name of Apple TV + and For All Mankind is the first original that has been released by the platform. The drama series is based on cosmology and space and was a big success. For All Mankind Season, 2 is anticipated by the fans of the show and we have gathered all the information about the upcoming show for you.

What is the plot of For All Mankind?

The drama series is based on the events that happened in the era of 1960s between the United States of America and the USSR in the battle of space. The drama highlights the first crewed mission that was taken to the Moon during the Space Race in the 1960s. It was a global success for NASA and the United States. This drama revolves around the question that “What would have happened if the Space Race and the war had never ended?” The drama tells the story of a fiction era wherein an alternate timeline, a Soviet cosmonaut, Alexei Leonov, lands on the moon as the first human.

Is there a season 2 of For All Mankind?

for all mankind

The makers of For All Mankind Season 1 has revealed that season 2 will be in the making soon. It has been revealed that the filming of season 2 will begin in December. This confirms that For All Mankind season 2 is in the making and will be releasing sometime next year. The producer of the series Maril Davis tweeted and revealed to the fans about the season 2 and also confirmed that the shooting will begin in December.

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Is there a trailer of For All Mankind Season 2?

The official YouTube channel of For All Mankind has released a small teaser for the series. The teaser was recently released on the Apple TV official YouTube channel. The teaser has already crossed 250k views which prove that people are interested in the series and are eagerly waiting for the new season to come out.

Who is in the cast of For All Mankind Season 2?

The cast of For All Mankind Season 2 includes:

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When will For All Mankind premiere?

For All Mankind Season 2 has been officially confirmed by the producers themselves. The filming will start in December and we can expect the drama series to release in 2021. Due to the pandemic, the actors are not available for the shoot and the government has banned public appearances and social gatherings. We hope that the shooting starts as soon as possible and the fans get what they want soon.

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