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Amy Locane Net worth, Relationships, Legal Problems & More

Amy Locane is a popular American actress who has starred in many prominent films and television series. Some of the most noteworthy roles she has done till now include Cry baby and School Ties and Melrose Place. She has been in the industry since sometime down and the diversity of roles will make you fall in love with her acting even more. There are many fans that must be curious to know more about her personal as well as professional life. So if you want to read more about her checking out the complete article will be good.


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Amy Locane was born on 19th December 1971 and she is 48 years old currently. She is 5 feet and five inches and has always maintained a healthy weight. Amy has been an inspirational person for young artists as well as fans. She has been a part of much interesting television series and luck favored her as she got the opportunity to get different types of roles. Since her childhood, she was interested in acting and even joined an acting school for some time to polish her skills.

Television and Film career

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Amy Locane has starred in many films and television and fortunately, they all have done very well. She got recognition and could earn a lot of money through all these. If this isn’t enough she has also done many endorsements to entice her fans like never before. Here is a list of some of her most prominent works:

  • Cry Baby
  • School Ties
  • Airheads
  • Carried away
  • Secretary
  • Going All the way
  • Mystery woman
  • Spencer
  • Melrose Place


Amy Locane has been into many relationships and got married to the love of his life Mark Bovenizer in 2008. They got divorced in 2017 and as of now, she isn’t married again. The couple was blessed with two beautiful children. Most of the fans were not happy when the news of their divorce came out and many are still curious about what the actual reason for the breakup was.

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Legal Problems

Fans were really shocked to know when they found out that their favorite actress Amy was involved in a car crash in 2010. She was driving at a fast speed of 54 miles per hour in New Jersey and she crashed her car into another car that was also coming at a high speed. As the result, the woman who was in the other car on the driveway was killed and she was 60 years old. Police arrested Amy and they got her blood tests which revealed that the level of alcohol in her body was three times more than usual. She was also sentenced to three-year jail before and this increased her problems even further. In 2019 she was sentenced to jail for another five years on some similar charges. The judge found out that her jail time isn’t sufficient so she had to serve a few more years in jail.

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Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Amy as of 2020 is $100 thousand. She is one of the topmost actresses and is quite rich. Amy is leading a lavish lifestyle and is very close to her kids even after the divorce happened. Due to her time in jail, she couldn’t spend more time with them though, and hopes to become a better mother.

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