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Balance Unlimited Episode 4 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers & More

Balance Unlimited is a hit Manga that has been getting a lot of attention from people. Even critics have liked it and the ratings given by them are very high. Nowadays Mangas are getting very popular and this is why their industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. If you have been watching this Manga already you will be aware of the storyline. Other names of the series are Fugou Keiji: Balance: UNLIMITED or the Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED. We all are curious to know what the modern crime investigating Manga has in store for us. Kambe teams up with Haru and deals with all the important cases they get. Kaito always wants him to listen to his ideas so they can do well. Here are more details about Balance Unlimited Episode 4.

What is the Plot of Balance Unlimited episode 4?

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Balance Unlimited is the story about two detectives who have different points of view when it comes to dealing with different cases. They both visit Kambe’s grandmother and she thanks Haru for taking care of him all this while. The best thing is that they brought a special dish from Hong Kong and will be sharing it for the meal tonight. Kambe has been enjoying his work and dealing with the investigations very well. Episode 4th will focus on all such important things which the viewers will love.

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What happened in the Episode 3rd of Balance Unlimited?

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Kikoku is another interesting character and she told Kambe that he should stop making a fuss in their college and concentrate on his detective duties more. She asks him about his age and Kambe tells her that he is about to turn 30. Haru also guided Kambe that he shouldn’t worry and she will let him know how to become a true detective and policemen. Kambe is one such person who has been respecting his grandmother a lot and thinks she is highly capable of understanding his thoughts. Kambe doesn’t like to get orders from his friends and wants to continue work according to his terms and conditions.

He was driving very fast and comes across a station where he saw that a man has been kept as a hostage. He feels that he should find the true culprits and moves inside the train and besides a lady is sitting who stops him from killing the culprit. There is a 20-year-old guy who is having a heated conversation with Haru and when Kambe meets up with Haru he realized that the old lady has been killed by a man. Kambe and Haru went together and want to solve the case at any cost. Pep is taking money from the hostages so he can collect money for his sister’s surgery. Kambe solves the case with a lot of pride and talks to Pep and makes him realize that he is the one doing all these bad things.

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What is the release date of Balance Unlimited Episode 4?

Balance Unlimited has become everyone’s favorite in a short time and a lot has been happening in the episodes. The fourth episode will be out on August 7th, 2020. You can read the spoilers about the show if you want but it is better not to read any spoilers and watch the show with full suspense.

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