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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor top 5 things to know

Qualcomm has announced the launch of Snapdragon 865 processor, a platform which is going to launch a range of gadgets and devices the snapdragon 800 series has been upgraded in 865 processor and the hardware has been updated in multiple key areas to make it more innovative and effective. This will surely give the users the best smartphone experience a person can ever imagine.

Following are the top 5 benefits that a consumer can achieve when he has a snapdragon 865 device.

Built for 5G

The snapdragon 865 has partnered with X55 modem and has been optimized for the best 5G experience. Since 5G is not completely integrated so there will be sections and versions where 5G is not supported. However Qualcomm claims that it surely will provide the users the best 5G experience and performance. The partnership of X55 modem and snapdragon 865 results in its compatibility with the global standard of 5G that is available right now and also the explored version in the near future.

AI gets a huge boost

Artificial intelligence has been making a lot of progress in the applications from the past 5 years. It started of with the cloud-based AI and now we can experience a wide range of Al features on the device. Features like voice to text and music recognition have been evolved and Google has set the goal to explore this department even more. Al technology is highly focused in all parts of the phone. The sensor hub is AI enabled and the power management is controlled by the AI technology. The snapdragon 865 is highly focused on the AI technology overall. The device will have a faster RAM and give the user a seamless experience. The AI solution will provide the users with more power-saving ability and latency level will be 30 per cent lower.

Better Camera Capacities

The new and innovative 480 image signal processor is going to give a huge boost to the camera power which will give the snapdragon users a great camera experience. The snapdragon 865 will support 2 gigapixel camera speed which is a lot more powerful and a massive amount of data. There will be numerous new options available to make the picture come out better. The low light photos and the noise reduction option in a video are the super highlights of the snapdragon 865.

The best part is that the device will be able to support the Dolby Vision HDR photos. This is the first time any device is going to have this feature and the Dolby HDR photos will be easy to capture by a user device. The device will also support the 8K resolution video and will give an exceptional user experience.

Graphics adds desktop features

Qualcomm claims that you would be able to get a better power efficiency when it comes to displaying. Every game lover can have high bids on snapdragon 865 devices because they are going to have some amazing features for the gaming geeks. This feature will enable the games played on the PC more smoothly and at a fast speed. The features that you have experienced in desktop gaming can be now experienced with snapdragon 865.

When will snapdragon 865 devices be available in the market?

The platform has been announced recently so it will take some time for the first device to come in the market. Oppo and Xiaomi have already confirmed that they will be launching snapdragon 865 devices in the future. Snapdragon 865 devices are expected to come out in January 2020 and a few launches are expected in February 2020.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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