For state attorney, Michael grist Berger can give it to the perpetrators, no doubt. “The defendant killed in order to punish his wife. He has acted as he has always acted. Only this time he put one on,” says the Prosecutor, before the First Great criminal chamber of the district court of Ansbach. The 31-Year-old had created in his family a “climate of violence and humiliation”, in order to master this. Several times in the nine years before he had threatened his wife with the death of the children. “This well-established pattern of behavior he has realized, then, ‘fatal’,” says grist Berger.

The First great criminal chamber sentenced the machine and plant operators on Wednesday for four of the murders to life imprisonment. In addition, the court noted the particular Severity of the fault. Early release from prison after 15 years is excluded. The presiding judge Claus grains following the request of the public Prosecutor. The defendant had committed an inconceivable crime, and in the case of all four Victims of insidious and base motives acted reasons, says the judge.

On the 26. June last year the defendant had his sleeping children at the age of 3, 7 and 9 years, and his 29-year-old wife with a knife stabbed to death. After that, the machine jumped and investment leaders from the balcony of the third floor.

man had a brother-in-law apartment

curled To protect his sister and the children had the brother-in-law in the night of 25. on the 26. June 2018 stayed in the apartment in the middle Franconian town of Gunzenhausen. But the defendant access to the apartment can still manage. Under the pretext of doing his Laundry, and a charging cable in the reception, he lured his brother-in-law with WhatsApp-news in brief from the house.

the day before the deeds of the woman had made because of violence against her two sons a criminal complaint against the man, against whom there is already a Contact in the police inventory. They wanted to separate from him. In the process, the German, was born in Kyrgyzstan and at the age of five with his parents came to Germany had to weigh.

process the beginning of Ansbach

Georg K. lured according to the indictment, brother of his wife from the apartment, then he killed you and the kids

By Daniel desert mountain

A diminished capacity of the defendant to claim. The chief doctor of the forensic clinic in the district hospital of Ansbach, Joachim Nitschke, noted in his report, there is no pathological mental or organic brain disorder. During the detention the defendant was housed there for five months. In the investigations he had stated to have heard voices that had driven him to the actions. “But it can not be assumed to be a delusional disorder of the schizophrenic form of a circle,” said the expert in court.

“do you Want to die, then I’ll finish”

On Wednesday, the court will read the police interview of the woman. The 29-Year-old described the day before the fact, the many years of violence against herself and her two sons. Already in infancy, her husband, had touched the boys coming back hard on the wrists and shaken, if he had not fallen, quoted by judge grain from the hearing.

“He grabbed me and on the neck strangled. He has a tendency to take the knife. He showed me the knife and said, “do you Want to die, then I’m done”, she gave to the police log. You have to separate permanently, and to obtain at the district court of a decision under the protection from violence law. They obviously wanted to divorce a quick case of hardship. The next Morning, shortly after 5.00 PM she was dead. The judgment is not yet final.

fin / Herbert Mackert / DPA