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Adrien Broner Net Worth, Career, Bio, Relationships, Kids, Age & More

Adrien Broner is an American professional boxer who has got a lot of name and fame in the sports industry. He has got multiple world championship titles in four different weight classes. His fans will be happy to know that he is one of the best welterweights in the world. He has also one of the best pound-for-pound boxers but outside the boxing ring he has is always into some controversies. If you want to know more details about this talented sports person here are some details.

Early Life and Bio

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Adrien was born on 28th July 1989 in Ohio. As he reached the age of six he started learning boxing. During his childhood, he was living in a dangerous area where there were a lot of street gangs. If it wasn’t for boxing he would have been involved in this dangerous situation. He started preparing for a professional boxing career. His height is five feet and six inches while he is 31 years old currently. You will not be surprised to know that he didn’t get much support from his parents financially and tried to do everything on his own.


Adrien started his professional career at a young age and started doing boxer inside the ring. Being an amateur fighter he started making many records that include 300 wins and 19 losses only. Even though he had to face many fighters he won against Jose Alfredo Lugo and Erick Ricker and Angel Rodriguez in the fourth round that year. After few years he moved into another department of boxing and had a convincing win against Antonio DeMarco. He became the number one lightweight player and claimed the world title soon enough. After making so many records he became one of the most well-known players of all time.

Personal relationships, wife, and Kids

Adrien is a happily married man and has got five kids in total. He got married to his long-time lover named Arie Nicole. The couple is married for five long years and the feelings of love are still between them. He is an active sportsperson on the social media while he loves to post all his family pictures on the timelines of Twitter. He has got three children from this marriage while the information about the other two is not known as they may be from some other relationships.

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Legal issues, boxing earnings, and Net Worth

Adrien earned a total of $1million to fight against Jessie Vargas but the match ended with a controversial draw.  Manny Pacquiao got $2.5 million and pay-per-view bonuses that enhanced his net worth. The total net worth of Adrien is estimated to be around $6 million and he has achieved all of it at a young age. He has been involved in a number of legal issues as his behavior off the ring is not very good. His fans were surprised to know when he chocked the waitress at a bar and he was later arrested for the same. There have been some other issues but he didn’t reveal all the details.

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