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Acey Romero Tests Positive For COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a lot of issues worldwide. There are many celebrities who are suffering because of this pandemic and have tested positive. The wrestling stars are also falling prey to this virus. However, we all hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no doubt that it is a highly contagious virus and it has caused a lot of deaths worldwide. The wrestling celebrities are trying hard to follow instructions given by Government. It is still difficult to remain away from if you are working outside the home. The top wrestler Acey Romero has revealed to his fans that he tested positive for COVID. Here are more details on what he has to say:

Acey Romero reveals about his COVID 19 Test

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Acey has given full details about his COVID 19 test to all the fans. They have been worried about him so while speaking on the House of Hardcore podcast he discussed every detail. He has revealed that he has tested positive. The diagnosis took him a total of eleven days even though he contracted it only three days ago. He complained of having a high fever of 102 with some severe body pains He had trouble while breaking and walking.  Fortunately, he is doing a lot better now but he is still very nervous. It will not take much time for him to be healthy again. Here is what he has to say:

“I tested positive about 11 days ago. I feel I’m pretty lucky because I only had three bad days and one really bad day where I felt the grim reaper was coming for me.”

“The extent of things I’m going through is fevers; I haven’t had a fever in like five years. It was like 102, 103 fever. Body aches, trouble breathing. My breathing is not the worst, but not the best. I have a personal trainer and my cardio was really good, but now I walk up a flight of steps and I get blown up. I’m nervous to get back in the gym.”

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Fans hope Acey gets well soon

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Since the time fans have heard the news about Acey they are looking for some updates from him. They hope that he gets better and comes back to the ring too. Here is what Acey shared with his diehard fans:

“Someone told me I’m going through the worst of it, I just have to get through it. I’m in good spirits. Every day since Wednesday, I’m getting better. I can’t taste or smell right now. Hopefully, that comes back and my breathing regulates to be more normal to where it was. Other than that, I consider myself very lucky because I know it could have gotten way worse. “

Are the vaccines effective?

Now that vaccines have rolled out people are taking it slow and getting vaccinated. The prop wrestling companies are planning to come back with a bang as the situation gets better. The live touring will start up with fans all around on regular basis. Without the entry of fans, WWE events have not been the same. We can only hope that the start of vaccinations helps us get rid of this pandemic. Our thoughts and prayers are with people who are suffering from it. Luckily, Acey Romero is doing well with the good wishes from fans.

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