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Wonder Woman 1984: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Other Important Details

Wonder Woman 1984 is an upcoming movie that will soon come out to entice the audience. Recently a trailer was released and it has gained a lot of attention from everyone. A new superhero movie idea seems to be exciting for everyone. It follows a unique plot and there will be frequent twists and turns inside. The best thing is that it is set up in the ’80s and there will be some dancing to the tunes. Wonder woman will be wearing a golden suit and the rundown of the cast includes some of the most popular actors. Here are the most important details regarding wonder women 1984.

Is there any trailer for Wonder Women 1984?

wonder woman 1

Recently a trailer was released and Fandome has given a new look to Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah. If you haven’t seen it yet you should and see how the look of the characters will impress you. There is even news about the sequel and the trailer gives a good hint about it all. Steve Trevor is back and the setup is all about life in the ’80s. The trailer will not give much idea about how WW1 soldier comes back. After his demise in the original series, everyone seems surprised that how come he is back.

What is the runtime of Wonder Woman 1984 and how do the posters look?

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You will be happy to know that the runtime of Wonder women 1984 has been revealed. The Korea ratings board list has revealed that it will be 151 minutes long. It will be considered one of the longest films after Batman VS superman. All the fans should get ready to adorn the wall of their bedrooms with beautiful posters of the film. It gives perfect vibes for the 1980s set up and is full of color and spirits. You will be delighted to call it an iconic poster altogether. Cheetah looks very exciting and the animal print dress will impress all the audience. The green background that is shown for him fits well with his character. The director Patty Jenkin has created brand new posters that excite everyone to the fullest.

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What is the plot of Wonder woman 1984 and when it will release?

The plot of wonder women 1984 revolves around Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. The villain has all the supernatural powers and the strength are unmatchable with anyone else. The Maxwell lord will offer something unexpected to Diana and viewers won’t be sure what it is all about. Not much has been revealed by the makers or director but it is evident that Steve is finally back. It is surprising how he has come back in the film and there are a lot of developments we will see in Diana’s character.

There are a lot of surprises for the audience towards the ending. Wonder Women will be starting the journey in America and the trailer has shown some great footage. Wonder women will be releasing on 16th December 2020 and you can watch it as soon as it comes out. This Christmas is going to be fun so do give us your feedback on what you think about it!

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