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Are You a Travel Blogger? Learn How You Can Earn MoneyThrough Instagram

It would be many people’s dream to travel the world constantly. Hopping from one beautiful destination to the next. Getting paid 6 figure income to do so would be even more irresistible. But is it really that easy to start earning money for having a vacation? If you look at Instagram travel bloggers, then you might think so.

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms right now. It has over 1.07 billion users; nearly 500 million of them use the website daily.  With such a large audience, there are many opportunities to monetize your presence on Instagram.

Travel bloggers are one group of Instagram users that have learned how to effectively earn money from the website. However, as amazing as getting paid to travel sounds like it is not that straightforward.

What is Travel Blogging?

Travel blogging is when a writer or blogger, or any individual travels across various destinations. They do this to collect pictures, experiences, and writing material. They blog about their trip experiences, the people they meet, the various kinds of food they try, and about the destination itself.

A travel blogger on Instagram is one who would focus more on the pictures and videos than the writing. They use their blog to either promote their own products or to earn money from their blog.

Travel Blogging Before Instagram 

Travel Blogging has been around as long as blogging has been. That is to say, a very long time. Early days of travel blogging were restricted to those dedicated or affluent enough to be able to travel constantly.

With cheaper prices, more and more people were able to start traveling more often. But what really started the popularity of travel blogs was the introduction of platforms like Instagram. Instagram made it easier for users to post and upload the best highlights of their vacations and trips.

Since people are attracted to visuals more than text, travel blogs on Instagram soon started becoming really popular.

Why Is Travel Blogging Popular?

There are many reasons why travel blogs are popular. The biggest of which is that it allows many people to have the experiences vicariously. Many people are unable to go on vacation in a manner similar to travel bloggers. It might be because of money, or it might be because of time. They use the pictures, videos, and stories posted by travel bloggers to experience the joy of traveling second-hand.

The second reason for the popularity of travel blogs is that they make for great inspiration and review boards. Many people who love traveling can be overwhelmed with all the choices. When they are presented with experiences from a person they trust and believe to be an authority in their field (travel bloggers), they have an easier time making their choices.

There are other smaller reasons for the popularity of travel blogs. Since many travel blogs feature exotic destinations and beautiful pictures, many people like to follow just to see the amazing pictures.

How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money on Instagram?

Travel bloggers on Instagram can use a variety of methods to start earning money from their blogs. The essential thing for every person trying to use Instagram to earn money, whether it is fashion gurus or travel bloggers, is by getting traffic.

Traffic doesn’t mean that these Instagram users are waiting for a line of cars. Traffic refers to the number of people visiting their Instagram account. It is the number of views that they are receiving on their posts. It is the number of likes and comments that they get.

When brands and companies see that these bloggers are able to get such high traffic on their accounts, they are willing to pay them to advertise their products. This can be in two ways:

  • Affiliate Links
  • Sponsored Posts

Brands want travel bloggers to use their following to create more business for them. That’s why they choose bloggers with a high level of user engagement. That’s why you might want to buy 10 Instagram likes, to impress potential brands.

An affiliate link is a permanent link to any product or service. Whenever that link is used to make a purchase, the travel blogger receives a small percentage of the overall purchase amount. On top of that, they get a flat rate for putting the link up in the first place.

Sponsored posts, on the other hand, are when a brand wants a travel blogger to promote one of their products. They promote the product or service by featuring it in one of their Instagram posts. Instagram bloggers can earn a lot of money by doing sponsored posts regularly.

For both of these methods, the rates depend on the following of the account and the level of user engagement. The higher those numbers are, the better rates the bloggers can get.

Usman Fadi
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