In the second attempt left the two spaceman Alexei Ovchinin and Nick Hague, to the International space station ISS.

Together with the US-American Christina cook their Soyuz rocket lifted off on Thursday evening at 20.14 PM local time from the Russian Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Russia’s space Agency Roscosmos wrote a few minutes after the Start on Twitter: “flight is normal.” The spaceman should reach after about six hours of flight time, the Outpost of humanity.

Live images from the US space Agency Nasa showed a picture-book start in the Kazakh Steppe. To see the rocket was, as in the night sky rise. “Everything looks good,” said a commentator. Nasa wrote on Twitter, the three astronauts were on the way to your new home.

in mid-October, it had arrived in Baikonur to a serious false start. On Board the Russian Ovchinin and his US counterpart Hague, but unharmed. The rocket had shut down in 119 seconds after the Start due to technical problems and crashed. As the cause of Roscosmos was a design fault. After the incident, there had been a in December, a manned flight to the ISS, which went without any problems.

René Pischel, representatives of the European space Agency Esa in Moscow, told the ZDF, for the two space driver, it is particularly important that you could go after this accident immediately to the next step. “And I think that you are very glad that you are able to fly after such a short time.”

Currently, the Russian Oleg Kononenko, the canadian David Saint-Jacques and Anne McClain from the US on the ISS work. In General, the spacemen to stay for about six months in All.


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