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Prince Philip will survive car accident unharmed (19.19 PM)As Trump and Macron: May says Davos (18.02 hours), and Norway: Two skiers dead avalanche dug (14.37 hours), and 21-Year-old FBI wanted to buy weapons for the assassination attempt on the White house (2.01 PM)record to auto 745.000 congestion in the previous year (0.51 PM) paths:

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+++ 19.19 PM: Despite a car accident Prince Philip is unharmed +++

the husband of The Queen, Prince Philip, was involved on Thursday afternoon in a car accident. The Buckingham Palace announced. The 97-Year-old had suffered in the accident with another vehicle near the country seat of Sandringham by Queen Elizabeth II. (92) no injuries. Whether Philip himself sat at the controls, was initially unclear.

The British Royal couple will spend the time around the turn of the year, traditionally in Sandringham in the East England County of Norfolk. The Royals also celebrate Christmas and new year. Philip had to be adopted in 2017. He is since then, only rarely in Public.

+++ 18.02 PM: Theresa May says because of Brexit-Chaos attending the world economic forum in Davos +++

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has been cancelled due to the dispute to the Brexit their participation in the world economic forum in Davos. May wanted to concentrate on “matters on the spot,” said a government spokesperson. Other members of the government, but would travel to Switzerland. The world economic forum will be held from 21. to 25. January in Davos. May have to as it emerges from a vote of no confidence next Monday the house of a new Brexit Plan. May the third well-known head of state, the stays away from Davos. Earlier, US President, Donald Trump had cancelled due to the shutdown and the Budget fight with the Democrats, and the President of France, Emmanuel Macron because of the protests of the “yellow West”movement, their participation.

+++ 17: 46: Colombia: number of deaths in police Academy +++

In the bomb attack on a police Academy in Colombia (see entry of 16.33 PM) according to the latest figures, at least eight people were killed. A further ten had been injured in the violent Explosion in the police Academy General Santander in the South of the capital, Bogotá, informed the Ministry of defence. The investigators came from a car bomb. Photos of a burnt-out vehicle was seen on the premises.

+++ 17.02 PM: Czech Republic: tree falls on chairlift +++

In the Czech Republic is overthrown in a tree on a chairlift for skiers. Because a rope, the Lift-system jumped to the East of the district town of Usti nad Orlici (wild sword) of the role, sat down on Thursday to 71 people in the amount, including children. The numerous height of rescuers were around two and a half hours to rescue the people. Also two helicopters were used. The temperatures were, according to the weather service just above the freezing point. Panic was among the victims, who were cared for after their recovery from the emergency service, but not broken out, said a fire brigade spokeswoman for the Agency, CTK. The almost 1700 meters long chair-lift system on the mountain book (Bukova hora), a survey in the eagle mountains in the North of Bohemia on the border with Poland.

+++ 16.48 PM: Burkina Faso: Abducted canadian found dead +++

Two days after his abduction, a canadian mine employee, was found murdered in Burkina Faso dead. Canada is “appalled and deeply saddened,” said foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. You’ll now make an effort with the authorities in Burkina Faso to draw the responsible for his death perpetrators to justice. An official of the security authorities in the West African country said that the geologist was was found dead. It remained unclear who had abducted the man.

The Canadians had been kidnapped on Tuesday in the North-East of the country, near the border to Niger. The former French colony of Burkina Faso, bordering the Sahel. It serves groups as an area of retreat, which are with the terrorist network Al-Qaeda or the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) affiliated. The danger is particularly high prior to the kidnappings in the border area of Niger and Mali. In mid-December were gone, also a canadian, and an Italian in the southwest of the country.

+++ 16.33 PM: Colombia: Deaths in attack on police school in Bogotá +++

In the case of a suspected bomb attack on a police Academy in the capital city of Colombia, Bogotá, were killed, according to authorities details of at least four people. Ten more people were injured, said the mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa,. On television images of the police school and several ambulances were to be seen.

+++ 16.21 at: Loveparade-process. Prosecutor’s office defends +++

The Duisburg public Prosecutor’s office defends itself against the criminal to the love parade disaster without monetary conditions for the defendant. “Any support would have to be felt,” the Prosecutor in a legal conversation significantly, reported the presiding judge Mario Plein. It was for the prosecution “hardly conceivable to leave the act without any sanction,” he said.

At the love parade on the 24. July 2010 in Duisburg, it was the only entry and exit of the venue a large crowd that 21 people were crushed and at least 652 injured. Are Lopavent indicted six employees of the city of Duisburg and four of the organiser.

+++ 15.16 PM: roommate in a nursing home, strangled: 79-Year-old++

condemned + for About six months after the violent death of a man in a Berlin nursing home is the 79-year-old former roommate has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison. The regional court of Berlin spoke to the accused on Thursday of manslaughter in the least severe case, guilty. The defendant had felt through the night cough of the victim’s disturbed. The Senior made a full confession.

This took into account the chamber, as well as the high age of the accused, and that this has not been previously convicted, a court spokeswoman said. The judges also saw a degree of negligence on the part of the care establishment itself. The grievances under which the 79-Year-old suffered through the cough of his roommate had been known. There had been no remedy. The charges state that the Accused has to put his 77-year-old roommate in the night of the 31. July of last year with a Bathrobe belt have been strangled. Because the defendant is seriously ill, the court recognized the speaker to be at diminished capacity. The man is in a Haftkrankenhaus.

+++ 15.10 PM: Swede accused of stealing crown jewels +++

accused of stealing historic crown jewels from a Cathedral in Sweden have been filed against a 22-Year-old charge. The fact had been carefully planned, said state attorney Reena Devgun in the district court of Eskilstuna. The young people in Sweden accused of in the indictment, to have at the end of July, together with another man three items from the Cathedral of Strängnäs, West of Stockholm stolen: the crown and the Orb of in 1611, died Charles IX. of Sweden, as well as the crown of his 1625 deceased wife, Queen Christine of Holstein-Gottorp.

The 22-Year-old had been arrested in September by the police. He denies the allegations. At the scene, but was found his DNA. The three crown jewels are still considered as disappeared. Do you have an estimated value of 65 million Swedish crowns (EUR 6.3 million).

+++ 14.42 PM: Kazakhstan: Long sentences for deadly attack on figure skater +++

half A year after the deadly attack on the Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten, the two alleged perpetrators have been sentenced to 18 years in prison. A court in the Kazakh metropolis of Almaty ruled that the two defendants on Thursday guilty of the 25-year-old sports Star during a robbery stabbed to death. A co-defendant. because of the Complicity of four years in prison

Ten had surprised the two men last July, as they wanted to steal the rearview mirror of his car. You stabbed him and injured him so severely that he died a few hours later in the hospital.

+++ 14.37 PM: Norway: More bodies of missing skiers discovered +++

for 15 days after an avalanche in Northern Norway, the task forces have found the bodies of two other Missing people. The two victims were dug out from the Snow, police said on Twitter. They should be brought in the connection from the avalanche area and more in the city of Tromsø. According to a fourth missing Person will continue the search.

Four skiers and a Swede, and three Finns had at the 2. January found on the way to the 1442 meters high Blåbærfjellet. Another skier had been reported as missing after an avalanche in the area was disposed of. The police said two days later, the Swede and the Finns were presumed dead. It is extremely unlikely, for two days buried to survive under a snow avalanche. On Wednesday, the police announced that a first body in the field had been found.

+++ 14: 30: 12.500 students demonstrate for other climate policy +++

Several Thousand students have demonstrated in the Belgian capital of Brussels for a more ambitious climate policy. 12 500 children and young people had participated in on Thursday at the “March for the climate,” reported the Belgian news Agency Belga. They called for a climate plan with the goal of limiting global warming to less than 1.5 per cent above the pre-industrial time.

+++ 13.48 PM: Athens: police beating demonstrators at the end of the teacher a +++

The Greek police has at times used batons and tear gas to stop a group of teachers who wanted to penetrate into the Parliament and into the government district of Athens. This is the Greek TV (ERT) reported. Previously, several Thousand teachers had protested for hours in the centre of Athens against the austerity policy of the left government under Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The teachers demanded their immediate permanent position after you have been employed for several years at a time. All state schools were closed Thursday. Out of solidarity with the teachers went on strike for 24 hours, the trade Union of public servants (ADEDY). Most of the authorities remained, therefore, closed.

+++ 13.45 PM: salvage work for the child in slot delay +++

The search for a in a more than 100-metre-deep well shaft missing child in Spain, after four days, more and more to the dramatic race against the clock. From the two-year-old Julen was there at the scene of the accident in Totalán in the southern Spanish province of Málaga continues to be no sign of life. The construction of two tunnels that will lead directly to the end of the well shaft, where the Little is believed, has been delayed.

Since the Work on the preparation of the complex, hilly terrain would have taken longer than anticipated, had not been started until lunch time with the dig, reported the newspaper “El País”, referring to the spokesman of the rescue teams. Several of the media experts interviewed said the recovery of the child was a “matter of days, not hours”. Official information there was on Thursday.

+++ 13.30: representative of the government of North Korea travel in the U.S. +++

A high-ranking Delegation from North Korea, a media report according to which on the way to diplomatic talks in the United States. Kim Yong Chol, the right Hand of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un, had flown with other representatives of Pyongyang from Beijing to the United States, reported the South Korean news Agency Yonhap. It is planned, therefore, to have a Meeting with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Friday.

the discussions for The preparation of a further summit meeting between the North Korean rulers and US President, Donald Trump is expected to serve. The Delegation had a letter to Kim’s for Trump, Yonhap reported. Kim Yong Chol will call also briefly with the US President. Kim Yong Chol was landed, therefore, with a machine from Pyongyang coming in of the Chinese capital. A few hours later, he had climbed together with two other North Korean government representatives in a machine of the airline United Airlines. This is supposed to land at 18.50 (local time 00.50 GMT on Friday) in Washington.

+++ 13.19 PM: Gibbon is a Zoo animal of the year 2019

Cute climbing artist: little people monkey Gibbon is the Zoo animal of the year 2019. The Zoological society for species and population protection announced in Berlin’s animal Park. Gibbons would have been different than Gorillas and chimpanzees are not a big Lobby, a reasoned project coordinator Viktoria Michel the decision. The habitat of the Monkeys in Southeast Asia shrink – and all for around 20 Types in free to be wild endangered rail or threatened. “Young Gibbons to be worn in Thailand, for example, for tourists by the discos,” said Michel.

+++ 13.17 PM: a woman in Indonesia from crocodile mauled +++

A five-Meter-long and 600-kilogram crocodile has mauled on a Farm in Indonesia after a media report of a woman. Colleagues who had made the search for the 44-Year-old, found parts of her body in the crocodile enclosure, such as the “Tribun Manado” reported. As the woman came into the kennel, was initially unclear. The Crocodile “Merry” had lived for 20 years in a pond on the property in the village of Ranowangko in the province of Sulawesi Utara. The animal had been seized and of animal rights activists moved to another location.

+++ 13.15: Rents in big cities are rising more slowly – the price jumps when you purchase +++

The new-letting rents in the seven largest German cities have risen in 2018. Measured on year-on-year rate of increase slowed, however, as an analysis of the real estate specialists Empirica. Accordingly, the new contracts climbed for rent in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart in an average of 4.2 percent. In the year 2017, the Plus was at 5.9 percent, according to the paper. The cause of lower rent increases, the growing new construction of housing in Germany is, according to Empirica. In the case of the purchase prices, not a decline in the gains is to see – on the contrary, In the largest German cities, the prices for property rose apartments over all years with a strong growth of 11.4 percent. In 2017, it was 9.5 percent.

+++ 13.13 PM: Three injured in gas explosion on the University roof in France +++

In the case of a gas explosion on the roof of a French University, three people were slightly injured. According to the fire Department detonated in Villeurbanne in Lyon, three gas cylinders, which had deposited a construction company on the roof of the University. Around 800 students and teachers on the Campus had to be brought to safety. The gas cylinders were exploded from an unknown cause.

+++ 13.04 PM: bomb in Potsdam defused +++

in the city of Potsdam discovered bomb from the Second world war has been defused on Thursday for sure. Demolition expert Mike Schwitzke have removed the mechanical igniter, said city spokesman Jan Brunzlow. In the Morning, almost 6,000 people in the lock out of a circle of 800 meters, had to around the site of the unexploded bombs in the Potsdam Speicherstadt their homes to leave. Also the trains in Potsdam has been set. Thousands of commuters were affected.

+++ 12.57 PM: Hesse: searches of police +++

Against two police officers in Central and Northern Hesse, investigations and house searches. You are suspected of violation of the arms act and contrary to the Constitution, mark is used to violate, said the spokeswoman for the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s office on Thursday. So far there is no arrest. The measure of course but still. The spokesperson of the investigating Agency did not indicate whether the case is related to an alleged extreme right-wing chat group in the Frankfurt police.

+++ 12.43 PM: Turkey has a Dutch journalist accused of “Terrorist suspects” from +++

The Turkey has a Dutch journalist on suspicion of “contacts to a terrorist organization”. The correspondent of the newspaper “Het Financieele Dagblad”, Ans Boersma, was detained on Wednesday and on Thursday morning on a plane to Amsterdam, as your newspaper reported. The Netherlands has not confirmed details of a Turkish government representative, after which the Dutch police have the Turkish authorities, information from contacts to a “terrorist organization”.

“I was arrested yesterday and will be deported. I get in a plane,” wrote Boersma in a Whatsapp group for foreign journalists. According to the information of colleagues, the 31-Year-old in the foreigners ‘ authority was taken in Istanbul, where they wanted to renew their residence permit. She had previously received her press card for this year, which is the prerequisite for the granting of a residence permit.

+++ 12.40 PM: Baden-Württemberg: Suspected Terrorist from Sri Lanka in Germany +++

officials of the Federal criminal police office in Baden-Württemberg because of terrorist suspicion, a 39-year-old man from Sri Lanka. It is the urgent suspicion of membership in a foreign terrorist Association, the Federal government informed the Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe on Thursday. The husband would also murder and attempted murder. The man seats since the arrest on Wednesday in custody. He had been in his home country in 2005 on the deadly attack on the sri Lankan foreign Minister Lakshman Kathirkamar, as well as an attempted assassination of another politician of the country involved.

according to investigators joined the now 39-Year-old by the end of August 2002 to may 2009, the terrorist organization “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” (LTTE). He was a member of the intelligence unit of the terrorist organization and have taken part in this function of the attacks on the two leaders.

+++ 12.32 PM: researchers are sure of: Next wave of Flu is imminent +++

The next flu wave is apparently. It was to be expected “with an early start to the Flu season,” said the Association of Influenza on Thursday. In the second week of January, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) had been submitted so far, 1263 confirmed influenza cases. The were more than twice as many as in the first week of the year. Since October, a total of 3677 cases of influenza, and eleven death-confirmed cases have been reported so far. How strong is the imminent wave of Flu will be, is difficult to predict.

The flu season last Winter was exceptionally strong. Overall, in season 2017/18 in Germany, about 334,000 laboratory-confirmed influenza have been registered diseases. The dark figure may have been even higher, because not every flu is clarified with the doctor. In addition, about 1665 deaths have been confirmed in connection with influenza infections.

+++ 12.29 PM: UK Parliament votes by the end of January on Brexit Plan B ab +++

The British MPs will on 29. January vote outlet about a Plan B for the EU. The government announced on Thursday in Parliament.

The Brussels negotiated Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, was rejected on Tuesday by the overwhelming majority of the deputies. May want to already next Monday (21. January) to explain how weto itergehen. To do this, has already met with leaders of various political parties.

+++ 12.14 PM: Spahn hopes for quick adoption of the new transplantation act +++

the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) is hoping for a rapid implementation of the new transplantation law, the number of organ donations increase. Due to the changes to the structures in the hospitals, and their remuneration should be improved, said Spahn in the first reading of the bill in the Bundestag. Although the number of donations has increased in the past year, said the Minister.

This is not in the face of 10,000 patients on the waiting list, but “good enough”. After a long-term decline in donations this 2018 were increased compared to the previous year by 20 percent. The Minister referred to in his bill provided for better compensation. It should not be the latch to the disadvantage, if you take care of the organ donation.

+++ 11.49 a.m.: Nairobi: luxury Hotel, rates is blast-searches +++

Following the terrorist attack in Nairobi explosives experts to search the hotel complex after the attackers left behind IEDs. So far, one had been found, police said on Thursday. This is blown up accordingly, in a safe place. They didn’t want to scare the Public, if the Detonation is heard, it said.

Islamist terrorists had attacked on Tuesday afternoon, the complex of the luxury hotel, DusitD2 in Kenya’s capital, and according to the police, 21 people were killed. The police operation lasted until the next Morning. About 700 people were brought out of the buildings where many offices and shops, in security, President Uhuru Kenyatta said. Five attackers were killed, according to police.

+++ 11: 43 PM: murder case Peggy: suspect remains at large +++

In the case of the murder of Peggy the complaint to the public Prosecutor of Bayreuth, against the release of a 41-year-old suspect remained initially unsuccessful. After examination of the complaint, the district court of Bayreuth maintains the lifting of the arrest warrant against the man, as a court spokesman announced. Now is shortly expected to decide the Bayreuth regional court on the arrest warrant.

The district court had decided on Christmas eve that a revoked part of the confession of the Suspect could no longer be used and, therefore, his release is arranged. In contrast, the Prosecutor’s office holds the legal opinion of the district court on the recoverability of this portion of the confession is wrong.

+++ 11.14 PM: Sweden: Important party member resigns in Protest at the Green +++

to Protest against the government fixing his party of high-ranking politician Carl Schlyter from the Swedish Green party. The result of the government, the political division in his country would intensify the search, said Schlyter in the morning the Studio of the channel SVT. He is leaving the party with immediate effect. Schlyter is one of the most important Green party politicians in Sweden. Since 2014, he sat in the Reichstag, previously in the EU Parliament. After criticism of his own party he had advertised at the parliamentary election last September, not a Reichstag mandate.

“I want to continue to change society, but the environmental party has chosen a path that I believe in,” he wrote in an Opinion piece. If Red-Green is a right-wing policy run, will come to the Opposition from even further to the right. The government’s agreement to prepare the way for a disaster in 2022.

+++ 11.09 am: court overturns ban of dangerous tools in the Berlin public transport +++

The administrative court of Berlin has a of the Federal police imposed ban on hazardous materials in Parts of the rail transport of the Federal capital for the time being tilted. There is considerable doubt “as to the legality of the injunction, were” decided by the court in a decision. It was not clear what items should be covered by the ban. Since the beginning of November, were allowed to stretch into the weekend nights on the railway, and the railway any dangerous tools such as knives, Mace, or baseball bat stations are taken between the stations of Zoologischer Garten and Lichtenberg. The prohibition should apply until the end of January. A S-Bahn users turned against the regime.

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