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Zong Stay at Home Bundle Package With 10GB & Free Minutes

Zong 4G is one of the largest networks in Pakistan. They are catering to the needs of many customers by offering free packages and bundles. Nowadays the use of technology becomes more prominent and digitally savvy customers are increasing too. The subscriber base of Zong has seen a significant rise over the years and it will catch up with the rivals sooner than expected. They offer the fastest and widest 4G coverage and are ahead in network leadership. The Zong Network features over 19 million 4G subscribers and 14,000 4G sites nationwide. If you need some more information about Zong Stay at home bundle 6 am to 6 pm take a look below:

What do you get with the Zong Stay-at-home bundle package?

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You will get 10 GB of free internet data along with 1000 free on-net minutes. The offer is valid from 6 am to 6 pm once you have subscribed to the free package. The best thing is that customers will get the validity for about seven days. The stay at home bundle package is available only for 100 rupees while it includes taxes as well. COVID-19 has made things worse for many but the network is still trying to make the experience better for users.

There are various lockdowns in Pakistan due to which users are staying indoors. Mobile use is also enhanced to a new level. There are plenty of bundles and packages available by Zong and you can subscribe to them. The stay-at-home bundle package is impressive because it offers a lot for the employees who are staying at home.

When you have this bundle 24/7 you can stay connected with your clients. You can deal with your clients easily. It has also become easy for office users to stay connected with their clients or while they deal with local people. You will be happy to know that Zong Stay at home bundle 3434 also offers free 1000 minutes for on-net calling.

How to Subscribe to Zong Stay at Home Bundle?

There is no code available for Zong’s Stay at home Bundle. You can use your Zong app to activate this package at any time of the day.

  • You need 100 rupees for the recharge that is inclusive of tax
  • By Dialing *102# you can keep a check on the data you have used or that is left
  • It will Charge about 12 Paisa Tax per inquiry

Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for Zong Stay at home bundle 100 GB:

  • There are no call setup charges applicable to the users so they can call as much as they want
  • It is easy to get subscribed to this option multiple times
  • Users with a Zong sim that is prepaid can available this offer
  • The out Of bundle rate is Rs. 1+T/MB
  • Video content is allowed for a limited time on this package
  • Make quick and easy conference calls with your clients and employees
  • Only 19.5% Sales Tax applies to all data and bundle subscriptions
  • There are only 19.5% Sales Tax applicable on All Voice and SMS bundles subscription, Voice, and SMS Usage in Baluchistan, KPK, and Punjab & Sindh Province
  • For the rest of Pakistan, only 17% Sales Tax/FED on Voice & SMS subscription is applicable
  • If you are not interested in an add-on after volume consumption for the data bundle, you will be charged an out-of-bundle rate. The cost will be Rs 1/MB throughout the validity.
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