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Best Exterior Paint Colors – What Color to Paint your Home

You have painted the kitchen, the bedrooms, the windows and doors inside the house. What about the exterior of the house? Most homeowners focus more on the interior of a house, compared to the exterior, even though the first thing that people notice before entering a house is the exterior paint. It shows the taste of the owners, and is very important is setting first impressions.

Best exterior painters in Denver can help people choose exterior paint colors. People should always get professional assistance, when choosing exterior colors, because professionals get to paint houses, and they understand what the outside walls of a house need.

Exterior Places

Exterior Places

The exterior of the house is not just the front door and area, in fact, it includes several other things. Homeowners have to consider what they want to paint the sides of the house, door trim, railings, shutters and spindles. When it comes to windows & door trims, neutral accent colors are a better choice. As for the front door, choose a color that will help the door stand out from the main color of the house. If the exterior of the house is mainly gray and white, then coloring the front door gray would be a bad move.

Outdoor Paint, Indoor Temperature

The best exterior painters in Denver know that the outdoor paint, does impact the indoor temperature. People should choose light exterior paint colors, because they reflect heat. Dark colors absorb heat, and they make it harder for ACs and other cooling system to keep the interior cool. Lighter colors reflect heat and improve the interior temperature as well. In fact, exterior paint colors improve energy efficiency as well. When light colored neutrals are picked for exterior paint, then you don’t need AC or fans, even in summers. The reason why people paint the exterior of their house with white paints is because it keeps the interior cool.

Outdoor Paint
Outdoor Paint

Common Colors used in Exterior Painting

Gray is one of the most common colors, used for exterior painting. It is usually used on the whole house, and the siding is mostly painted in white or black color. This way, the light color keeps the interior of the house cool, and makes the exterior look beautiful with two colors.

Beige is also a common color for the exterior of a home. It can be used with white accents on the trim, front door and even shutters of the house. It gives a clean look to the exterior, and should be the first choice in case someone wants to sell their house. Best exterior painters in Denver would advise people to use more familiar colors for their exterior, like using red for railings and sides.

Even though white is a common exterior color, some people don’t use it because it gets dirty very quickly. Homeowners want to use those exterior colors, which can last long, and give off a very neat and elegant look. Navy Blue, as an exterior paint, is also gaining popularity. This is because it gives a very bold look to the house.

Regardless of the colors that a family chooses for their home, they should make sure that they use quality paint. Investing in paint, even if it is costly, can assure the homeowner that they won’t have to get another paint job for years to come.

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