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ZabaSearch- All You Need to Know about the People Search Engine

ZabaSearch is a search engine for finding people. You can find the contact numbers’ addresses and other information of the individuals. If you want to find someone you aren’t able to find then you can find him online conveniently. The search engine is easy to use and you can search the engine by using the name, number and other similar details. The advanced search option lets you find other detailed information about people you are looking for. The information that ZabaSearch provides is collected from different sources and it is not necessary that the information is authentic. If you find incorrect information about yourself you can get it removed easily.


If you have been a user of ZabaSearch you must know about ZabaSphere. The free online tracking service allows you to manage your personal information. Whenever someone searches for your name on ZabaSearch, Google, Bind or other similar search engines you get an alert via email and are informed about the operation. You can get information and details about the individual who is searching for you.

Search Options Available on ZabaSearch for Free

ZabaSearch offers you various search options. Some of the options are available for free and some are premium.

People search

You can look for a person by their name on ZabaSearch. You just have to enter the first or last name and you will be provided with a list of people with the same name along with their contact number and registered addresses. You will be presented with the information that is recorded about them online. To be more specific in your search you can also add zip code or city code in your search.

IP address search

Have you recently received an email and want to find out the IP address of the person? All you have to do is enter the information in the search box and you will be provided with all the details including the Location, map of the region etc.

Area Code Search

You can enter any 3 digit area code and you will be able to get detailed information about the area and other geographical details.

Zip Code Search

You can also find zip codes conveniently using ZabaSearch. When you enter the zip code you will be able to find relevant information about the zip code like the geographical location and other required details.

Reverse Phone Lookup

You can try the reverse phone option if you are looking to find the address and names of the people using the phone number. When you enter the 10 digit US phone number it will match with the numbers online and the online available data would be presented to you. You can also get the information about the location that the number belongs to.

Message Search

This option will allow you to look for people who have been searching for you online. The search engine will take a little time and will go through all the entries and messages and will provide you with all the details about the person who has been searching for you.

How does ZabaSearch work?

ZabaSearch works similarly to Google but it operates slightly differently than Google. The website uses public means for obtaining information about the person you are searching for. It uses yellow pages, white pages, social media pages and other online sources to look for people. ZabaSearch isn’t responsible for hosting any information. It just gathers up information about a certain individual from different sources and provides it to the user. The search engine was also involved in a controversy for providing personal information but was soon cleared of it because it is just showing things that are already available on the internet.

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How to take your Information down from ZabaSearch?

If you feel that the information about you provided by ZabaSearch is not correct or you want to prevent your personal information to be known to the public then you can request ZabaSearch to remove your information. If you take this step the information will only be removed from ZabaSearch and your personal details from other online sources wouldn’t be deleted.

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