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Beecham House Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and All You Need To Know

If you have watched the Beecham house you must be anxious to watch the new season as the ending was a cliff hanger and left many fans wondering what will happen next. There are many rumors and speculations going around that the series is going to be back with a new season. We are here to discuss when the new season will release and what are the latest updates and gossips surrounding it.

What is the plot of Beecham House?

Beecham House is set in the 19th Century and revolves around the life of John Beecham. He owns an imperial house which he has purchased because of his family and also the start of new business as a trader. Even though he has got a new home where his family and relatives are residing but there are a lot of evil forces working on their plan to bring them down. John is no doubt a decent man and working hard to make a living but people always see him with suspicion. The historical drama works well to bring up a concept where it shows that whenever two different cultures collide with one other it gives rise to misunderstanding and suspicion.

What is the cast of Beecham House?

The cast of Beecham House consists of the following actors and no wonder they all are talented and worked very hard in season one as well.

  • Tom Bateman as John Beecham
  • Lesley Nicol as Henrietta Beecham
  • Lara Dutta as Begum Samru
  • Leo Suter as Daniel Beecham
  • Dakota Blue Richards as Margaret Osborne
  • Grégory Fitoussi as Benoît Castillon
  • Pallavi Sharda as Chandrika
  • Bessie Carter as Violet Woodhouse
  • Adil Ray as Murad Beg
  • Viveik Kalra as Baadal

Is there a trailer for Beecham House?

For now, there is no official confirmation about when the trailer is going to release but as soon as it does we will let you know. You can keep checking YouTube from time to time so whenever the trailer is out you can watch it.

What happened in the last episode of Beecham House?

The last episode of Beecham house left every fan wanting for more. The cliff hanger was thrilling and fans are now demanding for a new season. With so much love and positive reviews from all over the globe, the makers cannot help but bring a new season for the fans. The finale of the season was on July 21st last year. We saw John was shocked to find out that he has been betrayed by Samuel Parker but his brother Daniel and lover Margaret tried hard to release him from the dangerous clutches.

The ending did seem like a happy one when John and Margaret left the town to go to Taj Mahal and we also saw a heartfelt confession from John. Samuel had been watching them with an evil face when they were leaving though. When they return home from their beautiful journey they are shocked to find out that all the house staff had been brutally killed and baby August was also kidnapped.

Release date of Beecham House

Beecham house has been directed and produced by Gurinder Chanda and is a historical drama that features love, emotion and danger in a unique way. The show has achieved a massive amount of fan following due to its brilliant making. It is aired on ITV and now we have gotten the news of a new season revival. The series was expected to release in the fall this year but due to coronavirus, it might be delayed a little.

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