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Yoko Ono Net Worth, Bio, Age, Profession & More

Yoko Ono is a popular Japanese artist and peace activist. She is extremely popular for having very open and great reviews on world peace. Another reason for her success is that she is a talented artist who has been in the entertainment industry for decades now. Her husband is John Lennon and he himself is a popular personality. Unfortunately, his husband was murdered and since then she has been involved with different organizations and giving away charity. As a popular artist, she has created performance, visual art, many books, and experimental films. Whatever she has done has gained success in a short time.


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Yoko was born on Feb 18th, 1933 in Japan, and her family is associated with the clan of Yasuda. The clan has now become very famous since the time they have achieved financial success. Her father and his family have a long background with the Samurai and there is a great line up of warriors and scholars. When Yoko was born her family moved to California and they started living there. The World war interrupted her education but she completed it after some time with good success.


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Yoko has had a successful career and released prominent albums like it’s Alright and Never say goodbye. She achieved immense success with her album named Starpeace. The album featured a lot of hit songs that included Hell in Paradise. Some other hit albums include Blueprint for a Sunrise and Walking on Thin Ice (Remixes). Overall her music career has been a great success.

Her life and relationship with John Lennon

John saw Yoko at an art exhibition and he liked the way she looked. They soon became a lot closer and soon fell into love. John Lennon was already married at that time and soon his wife found out that they are having an affair. By that time Yoko was also pregnant with John’s child. They got married in 1969 as they were too busy with the Vietnam War that was happening during that time.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Yoko is estimated to be $700 million and she is one of the richest artists of all time. Her net worth is massive and she is leading a luxurious lifestyle. She is very open when it comes to giving her views and doesn’t shy away from bringing out the best in her. She has two big mansions that are full of fun and entertainment. The house has featured many bedrooms and a living space that includes a home theater too. Yoko is also very fond of cars and she drives a new car after some time.

Yoko’s life after the death of John Lennon

After the death of John, Yoko started spending most of her time as a philanthropist. She used to help out many organizations by giving a huge sum of money as donations. Yoko has always been a feminist and created feminist art pieces as well. She has given her thoughts on World peace and it has been an inspiration for almost everyone.

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