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XXXTentacion Net Worth, Rap Career, Biography And Other Details

XXXTentacion is an American rapper. The late rapper “XXX” had an incredibly loyal fan base and his fans were in love with his unique musical style. XXXTentacion made music with his heart. He suffered from depression and was emotionally struggling. His music reflected his personality and feelings. He made music honestly from his heart and that is why he earned such success worldwide. XXX was shot at the age of 20 and was killed off at the scene of a robbery.

Net Worth

XXXTentacion has an estimated net worth of $5 million when he died in June 2018. He had a successful musical career and also struggled with several legal issues throughout his entire career. He stayed in a juvenile detention center for a while and the time spent alone inspired him to make music. He acquired his net worth by making music. He had many successful musical shows and had sold out performances in various parts of the world.

Early Life

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy was born on January 23rd of 1998 in Plantation, Florida. He lived with his grandmother Collette Jones and he lived watching from the age of six.  He stabbed a man who attacked his mother. He was inclined towards music and started singing in the church choir and the school choir. Jahseh was also kicked out of the church because he attacked another student.

He was also expelled from middle school because of his violent nature. XXX fell in love with rock music and started playing the guitar and piano. Onfroy stopped going to high school and suffered from insecurity and depression during his high school days.

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XXXTentacion released his debut song “Gun/Flock” in 2013 and made the song after connecting with other rappers in juvenile detention.  He started releasing music on SoundCloud. The name “Tentacion” refers to “temptation” in Spanish. He released his first EP in 2014 which was titled “The Fall.”

He released many more mixtapes and EPs and then he focused solely on making music. He was struggling with some legal issues but continued to work on his debut album called “Bad Vibes Forever” in 2016. His first single “Look at Me” released and was a success. He released other studio albums and mixtapes that included “I Need Jesus” and “17.”


According to reports, XXXTentacion signed a $6 million deal with a record company. He announced the contract but for unknown reasons he terminated the contract. It was revealed later on that e XXX had already signed a $10-million contract and was planning to release his next album with some new record label called the Empire.

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Estate Disputes

After he died Onfroy’s half-brother Corey Pack sued XXX’s mother. He accused him of an estate dispute. He wanted access to the trust fund that XXX had left wanted to get hold of at least $11 million.

Bernard was going to receive 50 percent of the money and Pack and XXX’s brother was supposed to split the 50 percent. XXX’s mother had transferred the entire sum into her account illegally.

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