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Three WWE Superstars Expected To Return Soon

WWE expands their talent as they want all the wrestling fans to enjoy a lot. We can expect some top stars to come back with the company. The WWE women’s division will soon witness the comeback of some top wrestling stars. Bayley and Asuka are expected to come back very soon. The good thing is that Bayley will coming back into the ring with WrestleMania 38. While Asuka is also due to come back in the near future. If this isn’t enough it was earlier decided that she may return at the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Here are more updates regarding their return:

WWE Superstars to Return Soon

lacey 1

In a recent update all the wrestling portals are reporting that Asuka and Bayley will be coming back. Their comeback is expected to be at the WrestleMania. It is going to be exciting for everyone who loves to watch their performance. Moreover Lacey Evans also wants to come back inside the ring very soon.

She is training hard to make an impressive return inside the ring. Recently she is active on the social media and letting fans know about her preparations. There are a lot of tweets that she shares every day with them. If you are interested to read those tweets you can visit her official twitter page. It is interesting that the official roster pages of WWE have not included any of these superstars yet. The reason is that all of them have missed the WWE Draft in October last year.

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Asuka and Evan’s break from RAW


Since sometime now Asuka and Evans have taken some time off from RAW. In the meantime Bayley was participating at SmackDown. Evans has taken some time off from WWE after she announced her pregnancy. She took a break from Feb 15th 2021 after being at edition of RAW. After giving birth to her second child in October, she returned for training in November.

Asuka has not been a part of WWE since her last appearance at the Money in the Bank 2021 in July. She is dealing with her injury since then and there has been no update on her status. Despite numerous injuries she plans to come back soon as she recovers.

If we talk about Bayley she underwent a surgery for a torn ACL back. The surgery happened in mid-July as she got injured while training at the WWE performance center. New reports suggest that she will be back to the ring after 9 months. She may come back in April but some people believe that her comeback will be sooner than expected. It will be interesting to note if Bayley can make it to the WrestleMania 38. Many wrestling fans are disappointed as she couldn’t be a part of WrestleMania 37. However she did appear on every segment on both the shows, even though she didn’t wrestle.

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