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This is all we know about the new iPhone (Pro)

On September 10 it is that time again: then Apple will unveil the latest generation of iPhones. What will the iPhone 11 (or XI, or Pro) look like? And is there a foldable iPhone coming? We look into our glass sphere and put all expectations in a row. Does Apple know how to innovate or is it again slightly behind?

On Tuesday, eyes are once again focused on Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. Then it’s time again for the annual event at which the tech giant presents the latest iPhones to the general public.

As a reminder: last year Apple unveiled the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. This trend is expected to continue this year. Perhaps not one, but three new iPhones will be presented next week: a standard model, a larger premium device and a ‘budget option’. In fact, there are rumors about a ‘real’ budget option. According to the business newspaper Nikkei, they should compete with models from Huawei and Xiaomi, among others.

What the new models will be called is not yet known. Will Apple now come with the iPhone 11S, 11S Max and 11R? Or will it be the iPhone Pro, as some rumors have made? In the absence of a better name, we are talking about the iPhone 11 for the time being.

Three iPhones

The iPhone 11 and its bigger brother would, according to certain sources, get exactly the same dimensions as their predecessors: a screen diagonal of 5.8 inches (14.7 cm) and 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) respectively. Perhaps at least one of the two devices will be equipped with three cameras on the back (wide-angle, super-wide-angle and a telephoto lens), which are arranged in a strikingly rectangular ‘camera bump’. Both devices may receive an OLED screen. That is a super sharp screen that was already in the X and XS, and even longer in Android devices.

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The smaller (and cheaper) iPhone will be a little lighter, just like last year. We count on an LCD screen instead of OLED and on a smaller screen diagonal of 6.1 inches (15.5 cm). The device should probably also manage with ‘only’ two cameras on the back

The three iPhones would all get a new processor, the A13, and would now also support bilateral charging. The latter function makes it possible to charge other devices with an iPhone.

So for the time being there doesn’t seem to be much change compared to last year. Apple will mainly have to focus on small improvements: better photos, a slightly larger battery, and a slightly faster processor, for example. That this year the tech giant will come up with truly innovative devices – a foldable telephone or a 5G model – seems rather unlikely. It seems that Apple is not playing all its trump cards yet.


And the price? That will continue to look like coffee grounds. Last year, the standard version of the iPhone XS for 1,159 euros over the counter. For the larger XS Max, you counted 1,259 euros, while the iPhone XR immediately after the launch cost 859 euros.

Traditionally, Apple goes a step further each year – but perhaps that is not the case this year. Last year, the sale of the iPhone was in the doldrums. Sales plummeted by 15 percent, causing Apple to cut the prices of the iPhones in certain markets. It seems like the ideal moment to change the pricing strategy …

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Other gadgets

In addition to the new iPhones, Apple also always dedicates some time for other product news. More may also be told about iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. We may also see more about Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade – Apple’s streaming services with its own series and mobile games. In terms of hardware, a few new Apple Watch models or iPads would be launched, although little is known about potential newcomers.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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