WWE Hell In A Cell Roman Reigns Vs Rusev Us Title Match Throwback

Roman Reigns Vs Rusev

‘Hell in a Cell’, considered the most spectacular event of WWE, will take place on 6 October. For which the fans are quite exquisite. The biggest competition of this event will be between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. It is being said that after many years, a great Universal Championship match can be seen.

For a long time, this title was sometimes won by Brock Lesner and sometimes Roman Reigns, but this time it is with Seth Rollins and The Fend has landed against him. He is considered a strong contender for victory. Prior to the event, WWE shared an old video. Where Brock Lesnar and Rusev (Roman Reigns vs Rusev) collided. This match was held for the US title in the 2016 Hell in the Cell.


This match is considered to be the best match of Hell in a Cell event. In this match, both of them had beaten each other with stairs and chains. Rusev beat Roman Rains with the most chains in this match. But Roman Rance managed to win the match. The video of the entire match has been put on YouTube by WWE.

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