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Will There Be A Trinkets Season 2: Premiere, Cast, Updates and More

Trinkets is an American teen drama series that is a Hulu original. The drama series was a major hit with the audience and the first season gained a lot of recognition. The Trinkets Season 1 released in 2019 and the fans are already waiting for the next season to come out. The first season left the audience wanting more as there were a lot of unanswered questions left to be answered and the ending was abrupt and had loopholes. Will there be a Trinkets Season 2? The fans have been curious about it since the first season ended. This post has all the answers for you.

Has Trinkets been renewed for another season?

We have some good news for the fans of Trinkets. The series has been renewed for another season and it has been announced officially by Netflix. The teen drama will come out with a season 2 but this will be the final season of the drama and we will have to say goodbye to the cast and characters of Trinkets with this season. Netflix has given an official statement regarding the renewal of Season 2.

You had questions, we’ve got answers. The conclusion to the Trinkets story. The final season coming 2020

Trinkets: Cast and Overview


The series follows the story of 3 teenage girls who go to the same school. They have something in common that makes them bond well with each other and get close. They suffer from kleptomania which is a mental disorder. The people suffering from this disorder have a habit of stealing things. The girls face insecurities and traumas and grow close to each other as they fight with their mental issues. The cast of Trinkets will be returning once again and we will see similar faces from season 1. The cast of Trinkets Season 2 includes:

  • Brianna Hildebrand as Elodie Davis
  • Kiana Madeira as Moe Truax,
  • Quintessa Swindell as Tabitha Foster
  • Brandon Butler as Brady Finch
  • Odiseas Georgiadis as Noah Simos
  • Larry Sullivan
  • Dana Green

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Is there a Trailer and official poster of Trinkets’?


There is no official trailer of Trinkets and the fans will have to wait for some time because the production process has been halted due to the pandemic. Netflix has released a teaser for Trinkets Season 2 which gives us an overview of Trinkets next season. There is no official poster released as yet and the fans are desperately waiting to get something new about Trinkets.

What is the expected plot of Trinkets?

Trinkets Season 2 would follow the story from season 1 but it might get more intense this season as the story will be concluding. The girls are still not able to recover from kleptomania. One of the girls is seen running away from home because she has been threatened to be sent to a mental facility while the other girls continue to steal.

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What is the release date of Trinkets?

There is no official release date of Trinkets revealed as yet and we are waiting for Netflix to give out an official statement about it. Due to the pandemic things have slowed down and we hope that the fans will get a new season of Trinkets next year.

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