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Will Rex Die in Clone Wars?

Many people are curious to know what will happen to Rex in Clone wars. As the series will reach towards climax we will see that Rex is not in his ideal element and burying his friends. He was one of the proud generals of the army but now his heart feels empty. Although he is considered one of the greatest army generals he is up against them. He doesn’t really feel he is on the winning side after losing all these fellow clones. We have brought valuable news for you as according to the sources Rex is not going to die in the end instead he will fake his death.

What is the plot of Clone wars?

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The plot of clone wars is getting more intense as all the star systems are fighting with each other. The Jedi Knights are valiant and they are fighting together to maintain the law and order. It focuses on the three years war that takes place in the galaxy and Rex is in charge of the army. Sith lord has turned all the clone against Jedi and Rex has to fake his death and escape from there.

He is again seen in the second season where the rebels are fighting to grow in ranks. Rex is the captain of the famous 501st legion and he is going to protect others during the Star Wars. Anakin and Rex are in for a tough battle as they are competing with one another before and after the war.

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What will happen to Rex in clone wars?

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Rex has become everyone’s favorite and your beloved character will be fine by the end of the season. According to rumors in the new season, he will be back once again. He is a maverick in his own way and very loyal towards his team members. No matter what happens he will continue to work for them to support them in the war. He won’t disobey his seniors and will do his best during the battle of Umbara. The scenes between Jedi and Captain Rex are quite good and you will love the interesting interactions between them.

There is a reason why Rex has to fake his death and he also becomes a good friend of Ahsoka. The major issue is that Ahsoka gets entangled in murder as soon as he becomes Rex’s friend. Anakin and Rex question each other’s loyalty to Jedi. It is surprising the Rex firmly believed that Ahsoka couldn’t have murdered anyone and promoted treason. Rex is crushed with sadness when his five friends and fellow clones die within his arms. He badly wanted to end the controversy that is surrounding them.

Where is Rex after the clone wars?

Once the clone wars have ended and most of the opposition from Jedi has ended everything seems gloomy. A new empire will be born where most of the Jedi’s are not going to be a part of it. At the end of everything, Rex and Ahsoka are the only survivors. However, even if both Rex and Ahsoka are survivors and faking their death they part their ways. It is not suitable for them to stay together after all that has happened.

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