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Will Hunter x Hunter Return: All Updates Inside

Hunter X Hunter is one of those Anime that have gained a lot of appreciation in Japan as well as other parts of the world. It has not only got a place in everyone’s heart but also the most popular Shounen series too. The series has been on a long break and all the fans are hoping that it may come back soon. The first season ended on an interesting note and there is a lot of potentials for the story to continue with many twists and turns. We have gathered some updated on Hunter X hunter so let’s get started.

Is there any chance for a new season of Hunter X Hunter?

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Hunter X Hunter is a popular Anime series that has been created by Yoshihiro Togashi. It has gained a lot of interest from people and critics alike but the long breaks in between have been a cause of concern for many. The Anime series have become classic and the characters are also iconic in many ways altogether. You will be surprised to know that the first chapter was released way back in 1998 and it was released in the 14th edition of the Shonen Jump issue. The series was such a success that one chapter continued after the other and we have a total of 280 chapters now.

There was a long break and the new chapter was released in 2011 later on. After that, we got a new chapter by surprise and that too in 2018 but after that, there has been a long delay once again. Many people now believe that the series has been canceled for good but the interesting update is that there is still hope. According to the latest updates, there is a delay in the new chapter as the creator is not well. Recently Toonami started airing some of the episodes dubbed in English version too.

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What are the new updates on hunter X hunter?

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The Anime series Hunter X hunter has successfully completed 148 episodes and went on a long break since then. According to different sources, people are speculating various reasons for the delay. Some think that there is a lack of material and this is why the makers are taking a break while some think that the developer of the series is not well. People who have been watching Hunter X hunter know that the series is never is filler and there are twists and turns which build up the story in the best way. There are rumors that the Anime will also be adapted into a Manga and we can have more fun and entertainment.

Nowadays Anime and Manga series has been getting a lot of popularity and the industry has been growing successfully over the years. The high-stress level and intense competition from other series and films may take a toll on the health of the makers too. As far as chances of the series coming back again are concerned the future doesn’t look very bright. We can only wait for the official updates from the makers and let’s see what they have to say. Till then it is all about speculation and nothing is concrete. If the series come back fans are sure that it will have something great to offer to everyone.

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