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Why Is Brave New World Canceled After First Season?

There is sad news for all the fans that Brave New World will not be coming back for season two. The news is stated by Peacock and the dystopian drama was released last year. It seems that Peacock is not in a mood to renew it for a new season. Not many details are there yet but fans are not happy to know this. The major reason is that the show isn’t getting high ratings and not many people are watching it.

Many fans believe that the show didn’t get enough promotions or trailers virtually. It could be a reason why people don’t know about it and that’s why the ratings are low. Peacock has not yet revealed the actual viewership details so fans have no idea what is happening. We have gathered all the information related to it so read on below:

What is the plot of Brave New World?

brave new world 2

Brand New world has got a fascinating story and it will entice the viewers like never before. The fans of the series are aware that it is adapted from the famous Aldous Huxley novel. There have been a few changes made in the storyline according to the viewer’s likes. The series revolves around a utopian society and it is prohibiting monogamy, privacy, money, family, and history. The idea of a wireless network that is connected to all the citizens together is taken from the novel itself. The show has a good direction and storyline while many people that it is an underrated show that should have got more attention. The first season of the show is available for live stream on the Peacock network.

What are the new updates on Brave New World?

brave new world 3

It seems like Peacock is not interested in continuing with the show through a new season. However, the makers seem to be interested and the producer is even planning to move it to a new network or streaming platform. Fans can have a sigh of relief as we may get to see a new season on another platform or channel altogether. We will have to wait and see that if any other network picks the show and plans to release it exclusively. There are high chances that we can get a new season especially if the ratings are good. Aldous Huxley’s novel has created a unique world. Who knows if fans are lucky they can get a new story and season.

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What do fans think about the cancellation of Brave New World?

Fans are not happy with the news as they feel that the series have a lot of potentials to go for a new season. There is a lot to explore and the characters will have their own story to tell. Both the characters Bernard Marx and Lenina Crowne go for a vacation in Savage Land. They are trapped in a difficult situation and when both of them are returning the twist happens. John and Savage are the natives of Savage Land and they want to escape from them. What happens with all these characters have convinced users to bring back a new season.

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