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Why explainer videos are essential in Digital Content Marketing

Explainer videos make it possible for you to market your information to users across the media platforms. Video marketing has made it into digital strategy marketing, becoming the best method to reach customers. From the current statistics on the people using social media and their activity, explainer videos provide the best approach to reach out to the users. They have become popular, are affordable, and effective in growing your business. Also, they help you increase your conversion rate, boost sales and clarify your service or product. Hence, your digital content marketing needs explainer videos. The following information helps you understand the efficiency of explainer videos in digital marketing.

What is an explainer video?

The videos are short and precise while offering your business an opportunity to express itself. The videos introduce the product, explain their service, and how the customer benefits from the product. They can either advertise new products or provide a message to the consumer about a business or product. Explainer videos mainly assist consumers in understanding the process of using a company’s product. They are used in digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. As a result, businesses benefit from the explainer videos, as explained below.

Benefits of explainer videos

When inquiring a company one of the most frustrating things is not deducing what they do or offer based on their website. It’s a sure way to turn away prospective clients, whether it’s a convoluted corporate copy, generic stock images, or merely no website at all. To help deliver the message without using sites with several pages that spell out your service offerings and describe your beliefs and company culture.  An explainer video is something that can help your company stand out. Let’s dive into the benefits that the videos will provide for your business.

  • People love to learn about your company through video.

Consumers prefer viewing videos that showcase a buyer’s journey after buying a product. Most people like watching videos to help them understand products and their use. Part of any effective marketing campaign is truly understanding your target audience’s attitude and providing them with appropriate, educational content specifically targeted towards them.

  • They save time and grab attention.

Regardless of how good the content is, a long video is bound to lose watchers. Customers today want to discover information quickly; they don’t want to spend unnecessary time browsing through web pages or watching a long video to find the bit of information. Many people also struggle with short attention spans. You must capture your consumer’s attention and ensure that they watch the entire video. Hence, explainer videos are compelling since they are brief and to the point.

  • Increase a company’s conversion rates

Explainer videos engage the audience more and offer a solution to a dilemma. After watching the video, viewers are more likely to make a purchase. Also, they help company owners keep track of how many visitors will become real customers. Additionally, they can tell what future customers are interested in the product or service by showing the number of views on each video.

  • Clarify your product/ service objective

When people see and hear a product description, they have a deeper understanding of a product or service. By explaining what your firm can do for them and why they should select you over other competing firms, an explanatory video allows you to interact better with your prospective client.

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How you can create a compelling explainer video

There are many different explainer videos, and in selecting the style and tone of their explainer video, businesses should prioritize staying true to their voice and values. Live-action, whiteboard animation, 2D animation, to name a few, can be Explainer videos. Animations are powerful and engaging and give powerful visuals and great storytelling a great opportunity. The most popular kind of clarifier is animated videos. According to video experts at Spiel, creating video using your own resources is totally feasible, success really depends on your objective and capabilities. You can usually get away with the charm of simplicity if you’re doing a short product demo. Otherwise, with the expertise and resources to execute, you might suggest bringing in a video agency. Here are a couple of examples used in digital marketing.

Examples of explainer videos

The execution of the explainer video depends heavily on its intent, audience, and budget. There are no strict and fast rules, either. But usually, you’ll find that they fall into one of these groups.

  • Live-action

They are videos of real people or demonstrations of real-life that can increase the consumer’s relationship with the product. They even offer people a sense of acquaintance or share a lifestyle.

  • Animated videos

You will animate it if you can express it. It’s a more organized production without a shooting schedule, set design, actors, and a crew.

  • Mixed

They combine graphics of live-action and motion, or other forms of art, such as papercraft, and stop the activity.

  • Screen capture

Digital or technical demonstrations are demonstrated using screen capture.


Businesses that use explainer videos have few support questions and increased user understanding when it comes to products. Companies are also able to show their creativity and fun side through the videos. Video makers at Spiel suggest that you can educate individuals to know more about the product functionality or any service-related question in a visual form. It is evident after launching a product that more than half of the proportion of customers will visit your support site, FAQ, or knowledge base to get quick, efficient solutions.

You have learned about the effects of having explainer videos in your marketing campaign. You can work with a professional video marketing agency to compose a high definition video and choose the best channels to showcase your product. Video marketers offer your company their experience and knowledge in audience identification and the platforms they visit. Additionally, they easily explain difficult concepts in a manner that your audience will easily understand.


Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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