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Good Morning America Correspondent Bravely Goes Pants-less on Live TV

At one point or another during this epidemic, you had to chat by video. Maybe it’s via FaceTime. Maybe it’s through a zoom. It may be thanks to this old rotary device known as Skype. But you did, and each time, you find yourself pointing to the eternal question: Do I bother to wear pants? For most of us, this is not really a question, as we have signed Ironclade contracts with each other with only a hint of carefully organized objects in the background to show off by the neck. (A poster you like? Have you already arranged these beautiful books? It’s your outfit now.)

But if you revive the Good Morning America correspondent, your current organization, and your camera angles, then that counts a little more. When Reeve’s segment went viral on Tuesday, when it appeared in the series with a top (classic trick) and a suit, … there was nothing underneath. Screenshots of Reeve’s zoom-chic look quickly spread to Twitter, where Reeve was forced to defend himself.

Reeve, who was broadcasting from his home, came on the show to discuss the distribution of prescriptions by drone to patients in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis. He chatted with Coasthost Michael Strehan and Amy Robach, who were in the studio. Reeve has been in a good game since his brand new viral fame, responding to various tweets about his blunder.

“The more I see this, the more I see the thigh. Yes, he writes.

He also took responsibility for quickly adjusting his camera angle. “We are our own camera operator these days when we are broadcasting from home,” he later tweeted. “I won’t be hired as a camera operator anytime soon.” Reeve, the former ESPN commentator, has been a reporter for ABC News since 2018. He is also the son of the late Superman star Christopher Reeve and sits on the board of directors of the Epination Reeve Foundation, which raises funds for research on lesions of the spinal cord.

Reeve has not yet responded to Vanity Fair’s request for comment on this urgent matter. In a statement to Buzzfeed News, he said, “Let me get dressed and I’ll get back to you soon uzz”. But see – someone must now give in to the fact that BBC dad has always kicked his kids out of his office, tragically depriving the world of more screen gaffes. Will Reeve, therefore known as GMA Brother, will do it in a pinch without pants.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendohttps://ccdiscovery.com
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