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Why choose Egypt as your honeymoon destination

The sand of Egypt has always compelled visitors to travel to this country. If you are looking for the best honeymoon places, Egypt should be on your wish list. Mesmerized by the stillness of the large desert, the beauty of historic temples and the relaxing nature of the Red Sea Shore make Egypt a perfect place for newly wedded couples. Tombs covered with sands, large-sized temples, mysterious pyramids and an amazing past will make you an intrepid explorer. The capital of Egypt is Cairo, and it is the largest city in the country, which is the home of 22 million Egyptians. Cairo is a perfect place to visit and appreciate Egyptian culture with a combination of a new and historic culture. You can look for Egyptair booking or any other flight booking for traveling to Egypt.

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo will reveal the history of the country’s past and let you know about ancient artifacts, tools, mummies, jewelry, royal treasures and household trinkets. Khan el-Khalili is a famous historical market in old Cairo comprising hundred-year-old cafes and street shows that are loved by tourists and locals. But undoubtedly, Cairo’s center of attraction is its ancient pyramids of Giza. These pyramids are very near to the town and are the last wonder of the Ancient World, reflecting its perfect symmetry. Moreover, these tombs are a sign of the richness and culture of ancient Egypt.

Lovely honeymoon places to visit in Egypt

Nile River

The magnificent history of Egypt will not be complete without the description of the Nile River. This is the longest river that cultivated the prior civilization and is still doing the same. Without this river, Egypt is only a desert. This river is a source of agriculture, transportation and trade and is present in the whole country. This river covers all the desert areas, both east and west. 90% of Egyptians live in the nearby area of this river, and many of the famous sites are located on the bank of this river. All such things make this river a pivotal part of the trip.

Luxor and Aswan

These are the two most famous riverside cities. Luxor was previously called the city of Thebes and earned its name because of its great wealth and power. This city has always attracted tourists from all over the world because of its appealing temples and tombs. See the Valley of the Kings containing 63 royal tombs, or you can take a ride of the hot balloon to see the entire city from top- Luxor is known for its largest world’s open-air museum.

Aswan, in the south, is full of native culture and attracts tourists for its river breeze and panoramic view. Locals of that place offer good hospitality, and their elegant homes make it a great place to visit. The Nile River is wide at this place and contains Elephantine Island. Cruises in the Nile River travel between these two cities, thus allowing tourists to cover both cities.


The Nile River flows from North to South and finally mingles with the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is a place full of deep-blue beaches and beautiful resorts. Alexander the Great founded this area, and hence it was named after it. The city has both the look of the ancient world with many commercial hubs based along the Mediterranean. Being a visitor you can’t miss this city because of its storied past, and many cultural attractions, colorful gardens and blue sea. The city is close to Cairo.

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When to go

Usually, Egypt is a hot country, and the temperature may rise in thick summers. The country is relatively less humid, and one can feel a bit of cool breeze along the river and Red Sea beaches. If you are a bit conscious about budget, summer is a good option for you as accommodation rates and airfare are slightly less in summer, thus a good opportunity to book cheap flights. November-February is a comfortable temperature for tourists that makes it possible to do sightseeing and explore desert and seaside visits more comfortably. Peak season is seen in winters close to December and January. The best time to visit Egypt is autumn or spring as the temperature is moderate, and you can get less crowd and more cheap flight rates.

Getting there and around

Egypt has good connectivity with all international airlines, and you can travel all across the country through excellent domestic flight services. Cairo International (CAI) is the largest hub and a good go-to visit for first-time visitors. If you are looking for an entry in the coastal region, then Borg El Arab (HBE), Hurghada International (HRG) and Sharm El-Shaikh International (SSH) are the best points. For travelling within the city, buses are also a good option as that’s how local people travel in the city.

What to do

Enjoy Cruise across Nile River

The Nile River is the lifeline of Egyptians. You can enjoy various cultures along the bank of this river which is amazingly unique. Right from the busy markets to an open-air museum and historical temples, you can book a cruise for one day or for multiple days to experience life on the banks of this river.

Visit the pyramid of Giza.

The giant pyramids of Giza are located on the outskirts of Cairo and have attracted many tourists for years. The greatest, oldest and biggest pyramid is the only one left in Wonder of the Ancient World. Take out one day to enjoy this place along with other pyramids with Sphinx structures. You can also visit the Giza Solar Boat Museum present in the vicinity of this place.

Swim or do Scuba diving in the Red Sea

The Red Sea is the warmest in the world, with its temperature touching 100°F during summers. But despite the temperature, the sea caters an excellent diving experience to scuba divers. Divers love to feel the depth of the sea, and even first-time divers can have fun in scuba diving.

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