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Why are Thoptv for Android so popular?

Thoptv is getting very popular among people because it has connected all the apps in one place. The popular TV apps like JioTV, AirtelTV, and Zee5 will be all come together under one channel that is Thoptv. We all must know that of course, this isn’t a legal app. If you are still interested you can download the app from the office Google Playstore. It is easy to install them by a simple Google search by using the name Thoptv apk.

You can directly download it to any of your devices especially if you are using Android. The users can start using a file manager like ES explorer and start running this apk file. All you have to do is use the enable button and start installing files from different sources. Even though installing this app is easy you just have to understand that these types of illegal files are not approved by Google. Google Playstore will only endorse the sites that are legal.

How to download Thoptv for android?

thoptv 1

You can simply download this file online and it will take a few minutes to install it. When you see that the installation is done you can open the app. By finding the names of the apps like Jasmine tv, allium TV, rockstar, iris tv, daisy tv, and heathertv.You will also find names like sunflowerTv and scilla tv. You will be amazed to see a variety of sections where many movies and television shows are found. The list is so huge that it will be difficult to see them all.

Being a user it is good to understand that the site is illegal and you are working against the copyright rules. Jasmine TV and allium TV are some of the most popular choices that we have noticed. The total number contains more than 500 live channels.

One of the most annoying parts of the Thoptv is the ads that we see around all the sections. Otherwise, everything is free but the ads can interrupt you a little. Some people still prefer to use JioTv and Airtel TV apps as they are legal. However, some people like to use illegal apps only. Thoptv ads are a little difficult to handle and every user will get annoyed.

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Does Thoptv work with Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Yes, Thoptv can easily work with the Amazon Fire TV stick as they both are very compatible with each other. You can sideload is by using ES file explorer and start using it according to your requirements.

Can we cast Thoptv from mobile to TV?

You can cast Thoptv from mobile to TV and it has also been tried by some people already. The performance is quite good and there is a casting option available in it. With the help of Chromecast, they can easily be used to cast on to any stations on the television.

 Is Thoptv available for iPhone?

Thoptv isn’t available for the iPhone as yet but you can use it on the android phone without any problems. On all the other platforms it is easily available for use.

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