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What is a 4 Axis CNC Router and Its Uses

Having a CNC router can a great help, especially when you’re more of a professional or passionate woodworker; making it easier to cut products and create different items. So whether you want to cut wood, steel, foam, or anything else; or you want to create some amazing designs – a CNC router is just the perfect device for you.

However, when it comes to understanding the different functions offered by these devices and where you can use them; it’s important to understand the different types too. This includes one’s having a different axis, or simply a mini CNC router. All these CCN routers perform differently; even though they may have a similar outlook or equipment.

Now for a clearer view on one specific type of CNC router, we’ll be discussing here the 4 axis router, and how it can really be used. So that this way, you can understand if it is really what you need to invest in; while having a clearer view of how it will serve you. So without further ado, let’s just go ahead and start discovering it already!

What it is?

A 4 axis CNC router is mainly a machine that is used to remove a piece form a material, in order to convert it into a specific shape or style. For example, you can use this CNC router on a sheet of wood and cut it in the shape or profile of a sofa leg. However, there’s no limit to the variety of things you can use it on and cut down for making different products. Additionally, the A-axis present in this machine performs the function of milling; which makes it stand-out from other CNC machines.

And this milling can be termed as mainly the 4th axis of the machine; allowing you to perform the cutting task on any material faster. So with the help of this CNC router, you are sure to create some cut-outs on the sides of any material or even a cylinder. Sounds quite handy and interesting, right? And, when it comes to understanding the 4 axis router machine, you can surely consider its functioning and uses different from what other CNC routers have to offer; whether it’s the 3 axis router machine, or the 5 axis one.

How it works:

Now the main working of a 4 axis router isn’t any different from a 3 axis router since it also processes the workpiece in a similar way to how the 3 axis works on it. However, the difference here is that it has an extra rotary movement which is placed around the X-axis. To find which one is this extra rotary movement, you can simply look for one named as the A axis.

And with the help of this additional axis, the machine allows you to make cuts around the B axis. This means that you can easily create holes or cuts on the sides of the workpiece or material you’ll be working on. Also, this 4th axis makes it easier to complete the cutting task in less time, since it allows automatic flipping of the workpiece in order to cut and remove the material from both sides.

Hence, when you have a 4 axis CNC machine with you, you can be sure to avail results based on computer numerical inputs, which are not just efficient according to the work but also very fast. And so, making holes and cutting the materials to produce any item with this CNC router by multi-tasking – would surely not be a struggle for anyone.

The Uses:

This CNC router rotates around the vertical axis, and can also be used to work on a CNC lathe in order to either perform millwork or perform advanced carving operations. Furthermore, it is a suitable machine to be used for various round type works. This can conclude the multifunctional usage of;

  • Intermittent cutting
  • Engraving curved surfaces
  • Continuous cutting

But other than these major functions, there’s more to the different types of things you can produce and work you can do with the help of a 4 axis router. This huge verity can include working on or producing items like:

  • 3d carving
  • 2d cutting
  • Fine pattern
  • Wave plate
  • Wooden door
  • Antique pattern
  • Craft sash
  • Composite gates
  • Screens
  • Interior doors
  • Sofa legs
  • Cupboard doors, etc.


Now that we’ve gathered everything important about a 4 axis CNC router, it’s time you go ahead and invest in one to serve your passion and professional needs. But wait! Are you sure you’ll find the right quality and durability in the one you chose to buy? If not, then elephant-cnc is always there to serve you with the trustworthy manufacturing of your CNC routers. So go ahead, get one for yourself, and make the most out of it!

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