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Who Are You Episode 17 Release Date, Updates & Streaming Details

Who Are you is a Thai series and it has been gaining a lot of accolades and appreciation in Thailand. Even people from other parts of the world are taking a lot of interest in it. If you have not watched the series yet you are in for a loss. Many people who are watching it have been getting unlimited entertainment. Nowadays people are more interested in watching shows from other parts of the world and the reason is quite obvious. Not only the concepts are unique but you will like to watch a different culture or traditions. The first season is coming towards an end so people have a lot to discuss. Today we will be discussing who are you episode 17 so let us talk more about it.

What are the updates on Who are you episode 17?

Who Are You: School 2015 Thai Remake: Cast, Trivia, Release Date

You will be surprised to know that Who are you is adapted from a South Korean television series who are you school 2015. The concept of this show is quite different from the usual and it revolves around two twins and they both are separated from each other when they were only five. One of them has to reside in the orphanage and she considers that her own background while the other sister has a totally different life. Both the sisters have totally different habits but their life gets entangled into one.

If you have watched the South Korean series you will already be familiar with the storyline. You can enjoy watching the show as it has a novel theme and impressive character sketch. The direction is pretty good and the locations chosen for the shoot look quite real as well. The names of the two sisters are Meen and Mind and you will surely like them for their different characters. One sister has negative traits while the other is more on the positive side. Some people have been talking about that the ending is not very justified so you will have to watch and decide for yourself.

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Cast details of Who are you episode 17?

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The cast of Who are you consists of all the youth generation actors and they have played their roles quite well. The best thing is that the romantic angle in the story is also quite entertaining. You will enjoy the performances as they look very real and if you are curious you can compare the acting skills of South Korean series too. There are many supporting actors and some actors have regular guest appearances too. Let us take a look at the cast details below.

  • Natman Tinapree as Meennara
  • Krist Peraway as Natee,
  • Kay Lertsittichai as Gun, Jan
  • Ployshompoo as Tida
  • Jamie Juthapich as Arisara
  • Ciize Apichaya as Lyla

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Who are you episode 17 streaming and release date details?

Where to watch In Time With You Thai drama with eng sub

Who are you episode 17 will be releasing on Saturday 27th June 2020 and if you live in Thailand you can watch the show. If you don’t have that channel you can watch it on any other streaming web site. Drama cool is a good website where you can enjoy shows of different languages and that too with English Subtitles. The cast of the show is very talented and you can enjoy their performances too.

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