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Where To Stay In Chiang Mai And Best Places To Visit In 2020

Chiang Mai, known as the ‘Rose of the North’ is a misty land of mountains and colourful hill tribes located at the north of Bangkok. It is immersed in history and surrounded by wonderful architecture. Chiang Mai is the capital of Lanna Kingdom which was founded over seven centuries ago. The best things to do in Chiang Mai include visiting the city’s beautiful temples and unique sites. Chiang Mai is home to more than 300 temples which have a historical background and each one carries an attraction itself.

The ancient museums, city walls, moats and streets are ringed with richness and beauty. Due to its location in the north of the country, the temperature is cooler than Bangkok or any of the more southern regions which implies that tourists can spend a longer period of time sightseeing and enjoying without feeling the same levels of fatigue. The city has a charm that will instantly make you fall in love with the place. Here are some best places to visit in Chiang Mai this year:

Take a visit to Doi Suthep:

The most famous attraction of the city is Doi Suthep, which is a mountain some 12 km outside Chiang Mai, giving the breath-taking view of the city. Every travel agent or driver will ask you to visit this charming place once as it carries a scenic beauty. Themountain also houses Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a 13th century temple that is home to a large white elephant shrine as well as a replica of the Emerald Buddha.

Take A Trip Down the San Kamphaeng Road:

If you are fond of pottery, silverware, lacquerware, sculpting, wood carving and silk products, this area best suits you. It is a 10km stretched road also knownas the ‘Handicraft Highway’ which is famous for its pottery which is called Celadon.Chiang Mai is famous for some of the best silverware in Thailand and if you stop into Louis Silverware you will be able to watch the master artist carrying out his work.

Visit Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park is home to the highest mountain in all of Thailand where you will notice the number of birds and different species. It is an extension to the Shan Hills and made mostly from granite. The park covers a land area of 48,240 hectares. The highest point of the mountain is 2565 metres tall and has been known to hit lows of -8 degrees centigrade which is foremost the charm of this park.

Shop Again at Warorot Market:

Warorot Market is the most famous market which opens early in the morning unlike the other markets and closes when the darkness descends. It is located right next to the Ping River famous for selling low prices goods to tourists. You can find just about everything at the market such as vegetables, fruit, meat, clothing, jewellery, souvenirs, fireworks and many other things.

Take A Boat Trip on The Mae Ping River:

A two hour boat trip along the Mae Ping River is an excellent way to spend an afternoon, you get to watch as the scenery along the river changes, you will also get to see many beautiful traditional teak houses as well as a lot of rural greenery along the wat.

Stop for Coffee At The Cat Cafe:

Popular in China and Japan, Chiang Mai now has its very own Cat Cafe and it is suitably named Catmosphere. The cafe is constructed to fit in with its name with pictures of spaceships and cats floating around in UFO’s adorning the walls. There are fifteen cats currently living in the cafe and they are free to roam around as if it is their home. Drinks are a little high-priced than a normal café which is obvious because of grooming cats and making the environment clean.

Other magnificent places to visit include:

  • Lanna Folklife Museum.
  • Bo Sang Handicraft Village.
  • Doi Pui Tribal Village and Park.
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai.
  • Wiang Kum Kam, the Underground Ancient City.
  • Old City Temples.
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Teodora Torrendo
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