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What to Do To Before Listing Your Home to Get a Better Price

If you have been considering selling your home; you will want to get the best price for it. Homes that look attractive and well-maintained will find more favor with buyers who will also be ready to fork out more money. Since buyers are likely to be viewing multiple homes in your neighborhood, you will want your property to stand out and make a favorable impression. According to Forbes, staging your home can give the wow factor buyers look for. Some tips on increasing your home value:

Paint the Exterior and the Interior

The outside of your home is the first thing a prospective buyer sees. If your property does not look smart, fresh, and well-maintained, most buyers will be disenchanted even before they step inside. Make it a point to inspect the exterior for signs of damage or wear and tear and attend to them before putting your home on the market. Often these repairs don’t cost much but can pay off handsomely. Visit Fort Lauderdale Realtor Bryan Gold website for ideas on exterior paint jobs.

The interior of the house must be clean and inviting. Try to paint the walls in a light color or if you are using white, add a dark color to a feature wall to make it look contemporary. If you use the right color scheme, the house will instantly appeal to the buyer. It may be worthwhile to consult an interior designer to know the latest trends but stay away from radical color jobs.

Spruce Up the Interior Flooring

Clean and attractive floors are among the first things that home buyers notice. If your carpets are relatively new, get them professionally cleaned or if they are worn out, go in for a replacement in a tasteful and light color to make the floor look stylish and the room bigger. For certain homes, hardwood or marble floors can give a big boost to the value of your home; however, they tend to be more expensive upfront. Be sure to attend to any damage to the floor before laying a new carpet or a different flooring material.

Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen is at the heart of every home, and prospective buyers will place a premium on functional spaces with good quality equipment, furniture, and utilities. Give the space a thorough cleaning, paint it in attractive pastel colors to make it look inviting, replace the countertops if they are worn out, and make sure that all the appliances are clean and work well.

Refresh the Bathrooms and Toilets

Make sure that the bathrooms are spanking clean and replace showers, tubs, commodes, and taps if necessary but resist the urge to go overboard. It is enough to make them functional and appealing. Attend to any issues of damp or ventilation and repair any damage before giving it a fresh paint job.


While there is no end to the renovation and refurbishment you can do of your home, you should not lose sight of your objective of getting the best value. Do not carry out expensive renovations because you are unlikely to get a good return on your investment.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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