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What makes fedoras the choicest hat for women?

Gender has always played a critical role in fashion, and the gender divide has always been quite prominent. But some fashion accessories like the fedora hats have blurred the gender lines quite definitively, and today it is a fashion accessory for both men and women.  Fedoras started its journey as a hat for women who chose to remain faithful to tradition over practical needs. It has been more than 150 years that the fedora hats have sustained their popularity by cutting across the gender lines.


However, a straw fedora hat womens is often a specialized stylized accessory designed with women in mind. In recent times, the fedora for women has earned great popularity and gone mainstream and is now part of popular culture regularly displayed by pop stars and other celebrities.

Hats have blurred the gender lines of fashion

Hats have always crossed the gender lines through the ages. It is evident from the love showered on the fedoras by men who have embraced the stylish hat as their very own. Similarly, there have been many hats created for men that have become a favorite among women by tweaking some of its features. But still, through the centuries, there have been some hats exclusively designed for women, like the pillar box hat and the wide-brimmed hat. Even today, you will find these styles that have passed the test of times since their introduction in the eighteenth century and have remained unchanged except for the pillar box hat that underwent some evolution to include some modernity in the design.

Transiting from men’s to women’s fashion

Bridging the gender gap in fashion became more prevalent from the nineteenth century when the trend of adapting women’s hats meant for men started gaining popularity. It began with the men’s topper and men’s top hat, which conveniently made its way to the women’s wardrobe with some deft adaptation. Alongside the transition of men’s hats into women’s fashion accessories, another trend that emerged was that the everyday hat worn by men soon became sporting hats for women. It became necessary from a utilitarian viewpoint. The exclusive women’s hats like the pillar box hat and broad-brimmed hats, despite being high on style, fell short of the requirements to satisfy the outdoor needs.

Enter the women’s fedora

Although fedoras originated as women’s fashion and were widely adopted by the activists of the women’s rights movement initially, its popularity began rising when the fur felt fedora for men like the ones available from started gaining popularity and became a dominant style. In addition, the world wars of the twentieth century affected fashion that turned more utilitarian as it usually happens during turbulent times.  The First World War and the Second World War turned the spotlight on fedora for women.

Famous personalities behind the popularity of women’s fedoras

The most memorable picture of a woman wearing a fedora is Katherine Hepburn wearing a three-piece suit and a matching fedora that went well along with more traditional clothing for women. Being a front runner of women’s fashion, Katherine Hepburn could deftly push the limits of tradition with style and class. She demonstrated ii in her looks made famous by wearing the pink Brook’s Brothers oxford buttoned-down that signaled the opening of a women’s department in the men’s store for the first time in retail.

Eleanor Roosevelt, the American First Lady and a feminist to the core, could be seen wearing a fur felt fedora with exquisite feminine style features. Although her style was more traditional than Katherine Hepburn’s, Eleanor epitomized the spirit underlying the fedoras for women as she advocated for women’s rights during the post-war period of the First World War.

Singer song-writer Beyonce Knowles made several appearances adoring a fedora that highlighted her forward thinking fashion that brought back the fedoras into the mainstream of women’s fashion.  Her love for fedoras became evident as she rotated the choice of her hats but never missed out on the fedora. However, the hats characterized by their wide flat brims might appear like throwbacks to Hepburn’s style typically supported by male clothing.

 Why are Fedoras so popular?

From the instances cited above, it becomes clear that you need not scratch your head to know the reason for the popularity of women’s fedoras.  The extreme versatility of the hat that goes along very well with both male and feminine dressing styles is the most prominent reason for the popularity of the hat, which exudes a unique charm regardless of the material- wool, felt suede, or straw. In addition, fedoras look spectacularly graceful with dress clothes, and you can wear them with the same sense of pride and confidence as casual street clothes.

Fur felt fedoras are more appealing than wool felt and can ensure the weather elements better, thereby making it a dependable choice. As we look forward, fedoras will remain in fashion for many more years as it has already withstood the test of time.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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