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What You Need to Know About Vanderbilt Career Center

Vanderbilt Career Center is dedicated to helping students navigate their studies, and jobs and also providing them with great networking opportunities. It provides an environment that is suitable for international students together with advice on the various issues that they face on a daily basis. This is designed to help them adjust and adapt to any difficulties they may have when studying abroad. They can get timely support on matters concerning their futures even after they have completed school. It is a popular university but there are still a good number of people from all over the world who are not aware of the existence of its career center and all its benefits. This article highlights what you might need to know about Vanderbilt Career Center.


Who is it available to?

Vanderbilt Career Center serves undergraduate students who are enrolled on a full-time basis at Vanderbilt University. There are student schedules (both virtual and drop-ins) to guide visitation. Its services are also available to graduate students to guide them in career exploration, social networking, and job or training opportunities. Post-doctoral fellows are also included and can benefit from information and news at the center. Alumni are yet another category of individuals who can benefit from the center’s services. There is, however, a restriction of up to two years after graduation.

Vanderbilt Career Center’s services

Now that you are aware of who can access the career center, it is essential to know the types of services they offer. The groups mentioned above can learn and explore professional opportunities through career coaching, job fairs, internships, career panels, workshops, on-campus recruiting, and more. The Career Center also supports students who are seeking professional school admission as well as prestigious scholarships and fellowships. You can visit this page and take advantage of any of these services. The staff at the center also provides assistance to students with interview preparation, professional social media, and online portfolios, resumes, cover letters, and overall networking.

Financial support

Vanderbilt Career Center provides plenty of financial support to students in terms of paid internships, scholarships, and the provision of professional attire. The scholarships provided are intended to aid the students in covering their tuition fees, housing costs, transportation costs, meals, and general upkeep.

Handshake Program

Handshake is the Career Center’s online resource where students, faculty, and staff can learn about and connect to professional opportunities on and off campus. Vanderbilt faculty and staff can easily register for an account online. With a Handshake account, you can view jobs and internships that are available to students, search for employers, and view all upcoming events on the Career Center’s calendar including career fairs, workshops, and information sessions.

Employment and immigration

There is incredible support available for international students at the International Student and Scholars Services (ISSS) office. If you are an international student, you must keep them informed of your status at all times and check with them first when a question arises. The center has all answers to your immigration questions, employment procedures, and how to apply for and get work authorization.


There is plenty of information you need to know about Vanderbilt Career Center. It is an excellent establishment that has been praised by students for its efforts toward achieving the institution’s objectives.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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