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What Jewellery is best for different Blood Types

Personality: Most people with type A blood are extremely cautious, like to follow the rules, have a strong sense of responsibility, focus on teamwork, and have good self-discipline and control. However, he is not very good at self-regulating negative emotions and is easily affected by the atmosphere of the surrounding environment, thus falling into a passive deadlock.

Physique: Personality creates psychology, which affects the body. People with type A blood because of the “real” character, because of too much tension, often have blood pressure and nervous system disorders. Therefore, type A blood should pay special attention to hypertension, heart disease, neurological headache, and other related diseases, and prevent them before they occur.

Don’t think that pink crystal name jewelry only has the effect of attracting heterosexual. In the powerful crystal family, the pink crystal custom friendship necklace corresponds to the heart chakra of the human body, which can stabilize emotions, help regulate all negative emotions, and promote communication between people, effectively avoiding Type A blood too stubborn.

Type B blood

Personality: Both men and women yearn for type B blood. They want freedom and do not want to be restrained. This makes them feel uncomfortable. They tend to be emotional and show their feelings on their faces, whether they like it or hate it, a little stubborn and a little childish. Sometimes they are self-centered and do whatever they want.

Physique: Compared to other blood types, the type B blood body’s metabolism is often very slow due to the lack of mineral magnesium. Although people with type B blood have a well-developed immune system, they are favored by bacteria and easily accumulate toxins in the body. Therefore, type B blood needs a large amount of magnesium to promote metabolism and avoid disease.

They all say “people raise jade, jade raise people”. If you are careful enough, it is not difficult to find that people who often wear jade have a refined temperament when they showed. They talk and move seems like invisible hands are holding them, and this restraint is actually formed naturally and does not make yourself or others uncomfortable. Type B blood lacks an invisible hand like jade infinity bracelet and converges to let go of freedom.

Magnesium Garnet

Magnesium garnet customized name necklace cheap is a type of garnet. It can also be seen from the name that it contains magnesium required for type B blood, which has a wonderful appearance. It is usually blood-red in color and is roughly concentrated between red, rose, and fuchsia. In addition to having the magnesium required for type B blood, magnesite custom name necklace cheap can also strengthen blood circulation and promote hormone secretion, which also has a certain positive effect on women’s gynecological diseases.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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