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Valuable Tips to Make Interactive Videos Perfect | Cinema8

The interactive video helps the users to perform a number of tasks and certain actions by interacting with it. Such video gets more likes and reviews by consumers than other videos like linear ones. These videos are used for different purposes like education, E-learning, product marketing, raising awareness, brand image, entertainment, and user experience.

Well, all these things are good if your choice of this video is accurate. People make mistakes while selecting these kinds of videos that can be helpful for them.

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#1. Test your Approach

You must try to test all the platforms to avoid costly future mistakes. The testing phase will also highlight all the effective contents. It will balance the interactions by randomness and get the balance right for the consumers.

#2. Realist Scenarios

You must take care that the scenario should be realistic in every case. It will help the learners to know what is going to happen in their field. This video should be very close to the learner’s experience and the workplace for better and quick understanding.

#3. Stay Consistent

You have to stay consistent with the platform or the particular video to firmly hold its grip. Many interactions with these videos at a time will enhance challenges, so try to incorporate the basic controls on one video player.

#4. Trace Interactions

Make the tracking possible to which extent the video allows you. Every decision should be tracked to Learning Management System, where you can find the learners who are looking for video interactions. The overall look of the decisions will help you to find the best route and evaluate the effective design.

#5. Plan Must

Planning is the most crucial step where you have an exceptional idea about all the learning outcomes of your video. This is the evidence of the goodness of this kind of video that it provides the best experience to its users, but plans or decision-making ways matter.

#6. Integrate Game Thinking

Game thinking is so effective way to tell the learners about the final outcomes at the completion and the challenges during the performance. It will motivate the viewers or the learners.

You must consider the expected challenges and the relevant solutions provided by the video controller while choosing it.

#7. Multi-Device System

Don’t lose the worth of the video by not considering the device on which it will be viewed. Try to choose the video that can be watched on all the devices so that you can easily access it on any device you have.


If you want to make anything perfect, make sure you are doing it in the right way. Just like this, when you are approaching these videos, make sure you have considered all the things that must be there for the sake of goodness. These videos are a source of enjoyment, learning, and marketing. The user can easily approach and drag, scroll, or learn about the video content. If you are looking for the best interactive video, contact us today!

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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