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What Is Ringworm? Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Ringworm is a disease which consists of common fungal infection. If you are confused let us make it clear that ringworm has got nothing to do with worms. The fungal infection can cause a silver or red rash on the skin and can make it very itchy. The most common area where the ringworm brings rashes is the legs or arms. You can also get it on scalp, nails or hair. Some people get it on their toes and even their groin which is called athlete foot and jock itch. Let’s discuss this fungal infection in detail.


When you get this fungal infection you will suddenly notice a red or silver bump on the skin which is itchy. After sometime this bump can turn into circle or ring like shaped structure/patch. It can turn into many rings simultaneously and make your skin feel dry. If the infection happens to be on the scalp you will start noticing a sore which will not only feel itchy but also very dry. The skin will feel sore to touch and hair will fall out in patches if this persists for long.


Ringworm is very infectious and you should be aware to stay away from it. You can catch it in many ways. Look below for more information.

From another person

Ringworm can be easily spread out from one person to the other. The skin contact with an effected person will make you suffer from this infection too.

From pets

Many people keep pets but they have to sure pets usually get ringworm infection as they move around in contaminated places. If your pet is suffering from this infection you are most likely to catch it.

By touching objects

As ringworm is caused by a fungus it can linger on many of your belongings be it towel, brush and so on.

From soil

The particles of soil are infected with the fungus most of the time so if you are standing on the soul you can get an infection.

How do you know if you have ringworm?

You will have to consult a doctor and check with him if its ringworm or not. There are many fungal infections and the symptoms maybe same for all.

What is the treatment?

The treatment will depend on the intensity of the infection. If it’s severe then you need a long term treatment but if it’s normal then a short term treatment would be fine as well. Your doctor can prescribe you with an anti-fungal infection medication. If the infection of ringworm is on your skin then a cream, lotion or powder can be beneficial as well.

Most commonly you have to use these medicines for 2-4 weeks and you have to be regular in the treatment process. If you don’t continue for this much time there are chances it will come back again. If you have gotten this infection on your scalp then other medications will be effective.

How can you prevent Ringworm?

The fungal infection can be spread very easily but there are ways in which you can stop it from spreading or even stay away from it.

  • You should keep your skin clean
  • Keep check of your hygiene and change clothes at least once in a day
  • If you are fond of playing sports don’t share your things with others as it can spread infection
  • You should wash your hands frequently and keep away from the germs
  • Don’t share your clothes or other belongings with another person who is suffering from this infection.
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