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What is an Order Fulfilment Service, and Why Does Your Business Need It?

The eCommerce industry has witnessed exponential growth over the last few years, especially in the post-COVID-19 era. Many businesses have established their online channels and have successfully expanded globally.

While the opportunities have increased, many sellers have struggled to manage the consequences. One such issue is the management and timely fulfilment of orders.

What is Order Fulfilment?

Well, the journey of an online order begins as soon as your online sales channel receives the orders. The order is prepared or souced, packed, and lastly, shipped to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the item, it is then that  the order is fulfilled. However, the process extends in special cases of return or exchange.

What is the Role of an Order Fulfilment Service?

In simple terms, an order fulfilment service takes away the burden of dealing with an order. Once you receive an order, your order fulfilment service will automatically get updated and get into the process of completing the journey of that particular order.

Let’s have a look at the possible process

  1. Order Received: Your eCommerce fulfilment service will get an update.
  2. Item Picked: Your fulfilment service, in many cases, is responsible for receiving and storing inventory. When the order is confirmed, your item will be picked from the shelf.
  3. Packaging: Post quality check, the ordered item is packed carefully.
  4. Shipping: Packed item is labelled and shipped to the buyer.
  5. Return and Exchange: In the case of a return or exchange request, the fulfilment service is responsible for completing the order journey.

While this is a general process followed by many eCommerce services, it may vary depending on the needs of your eCommerce business.

Why Should You Use an Order Fulfilment Service?

While some businesses choose to manage and fulfil their orders on their own, many take the help of an eCommerce fulfilment service.

The biggest perks of using a fulfilment service are discussed here:

  1. Save time: Which you can invest in applying better marketing strategies to expand our business.
  2. Low shipping cost: Fulfilment services have warehouses in different locations, which effectively reduces the shipping costs per item.
  3. Expand your reach: With the help of fulfilment service, you can easily fulfil orders overseas. Cross-border shipping becomes an issue for many budding sellers.
  4. Storing: When an eCommerce fulfilment service is responsible for fulfilling your online orders, they effectively store items and manage inventory, keeping you out of the mess!
  5. Ensure top-notch customer service: Apart from providing a well-packed shipment, fulfilment services ensure that the items reach the buyer without any hassle or delay.
  6. Save operational costs: You will not be required to store your items, hence saving you a fortune that goes into establishing infrastructure and paying for resources to operate order fulfilment on your own.

So, if you are interested in giving yourself some time off from the tiring job that order fulfilment is, you may check out Transaction Heroes. This best in class one eCommerce fulfilment service will help you get the job done most effectively! See more information about Transaction Heroes

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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