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What is a Bluetooth crane scale? What is it used for?

Have you been wondering what a Bluetooth crane scale is? The crane scale which functions by connecting with the Smartphone using the Bluetooth is referred to as the Bluetooth crane scale. The crane scale is highly accurate & reliable – and with the connectivity with the phone, it has also become trendy. The data is sent to the respective mobile phones, which can further be recorded – if the application for the crane scale is installed in the Smartphone.

In this article, we will find out how a Bluetooth crane scale operates. We will also look into the utilities of the crane scale.

How does the Bluetooth crane scale operate?

For the Bluetooth crane scale to operate, an application has to be installed in the smartphone. As the application is installed, both the crane scale and the phone are linked. Based on the weight of the material being measured, the crane scale reflects the weight in the device.

Why is it really crucial for the machinery industry? While using heavy crane scales like 300t ton crane scales, staying nearby the crane scale can be quite dangerous. In order to measuring the reading, possibility of any form of hazards cannot be ruled out. And, this is when the Bluetooth crane scale helps in transferring the data to your phone – thus letting you know the weight, without risking your life.

Moreover, the Bluetooth crane scale also gives you the flexibility to multi-task. You can focus on something more important – as you don’t have to be near the crane scale during the measurement – always. As the data is getting transferred to your phone screen, it also helps you in keeping the recording properly.

What is the Bluetooth crane scale used for?

Just like every other crane scale, the major application of Bluetooth crane scale is in measuring the weight of the heavy machinery. But, it is not the only application of the crane scale. Here is a list of other applications of Bluetooth crane scale:

  1. Moving the heavy objects from one place to another is made seamless with the Bluetooth crane scale. The manual labor can now be engaged into more productive functionalities.
  2. The crane scale can be used to improve the accuracy of the measurement of the heavy objects. As the heavy objects don’t require manual labor for measurement, it makes the life simpler.
  3. Seamless recording of data is possible with the Bluetooth crane scale. Thus, the data logging becomes automated too.

Precautions while using the crane scale

Using the crane scales can be quite risky, if the safety protocols are not followed. Here is a list of precautions to take:

  1. Keep the manpower fully guarded. Heavy crane scales like Crane scale 3000 kg can lift very heavy objects – but, if the hooks are lose, the objects may fall from the scale, causing accidents.
  2. Proper maintenance of the scale to ensure that the hooks are tight – and the scale measures accurately.
  3. Continuous learning & development activities to be carried out to educate more professionals on the use of Bluetooth crane scales.
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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