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What If You Jumped Into A Pool Full Of Stomach Acid?

Jumped Into a Pool Full of Stomach Acid
Jumped Into a Pool Full of Stomach Acid

This trending video with the title of “what if you jumped into the pool full of stomach acid” has been the talk of the town lately. This video has become viral and people can’t stop talking about it. We are going to discuss some of the harmful effects of jumping into the pool of stomach acid. Hopefully, after reading this article you won’t try out doing such dangerous acts.

Stomach Acid can be dangerous

Stomach Acid is 50 percent more dangerous than gastric acid. It can cause a serious and horrible effect on your skin. We recommend that you don’t browse for pictures of affected people from stomach acid because the pictures will scare you like anything.

It can cause a lot of pain

The pain will cause will probably be unbearable. You won’t immediately faint and you will have to experience hours of pain before finally passing out.

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Cardiac arrest

If you inhale the acid accidentally it will immediately cause a heart attack. In rare chances, it would cause damage to your lung tissues causing problems in your breathing system. The filled spaces in the lungs might end up killing you in a few days or hours.

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Damage to Retina and Ears

Damage of the retina can cause you to go blind. If the acid gets in contact with your eyes you could immediately go blind or suffer from reduced vision. The eardrums can also effect greatly if acid goes into them and your sense of hearing can completely be going away during this act.

Such videos should be permanently banned from publishing online. This may be a fun video for the maker of the video but the internet is accessible to kids and teenagers as well. They might not have serious knowledge about the dangers of such a horrendous act and they might try attempting it in a fit of rage.

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