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What Does It Mean to Build a Pole Barn?

The combination of practicality and innovation always works in the construction industry, and nothing can exemplify this better than the pole barn. A pole barn enjoys a deep connection with American history when the marriage between resourcefulness and necessity was celebrated. The structure is long past its humble beginnings of the 1930s and has evolved into a sustainable building solution. Today, it catches attention for its cost-effectiveness and versatility. Simply put, this construction involves using large posts or poles for structural support to cater to different needs, such as equestrian, storage, agricultural, and commercial.

Building a pole barn can be a good idea to optimize your existing land. For help with construction, you can contact premier pole barn builders at Wapiti Pacific Contractors. They can make this affordable, utility-driven structure at a favorable cost. You can use one to park your vehicles, store equipment, keep cows or horses, etc. Let’s get into some nitty-gritty for a better understanding.

Pole Barn building cost

A pole barn will incur costs like any other construction activity. The choice of materials will be a critical consideration. As per the general rule, you spend USD $6-13 on each sq ft for materials, including wood, concrete, flooring, roofing, aluminum, etc. You can expect labor costs to be around USD $5-15 per sq ft. Rates vary from one contractor to another and location-wise. The good thing is these structures can be erected quickly depending on the size – one more factor influencing your budget. It will be safe to assume that the cost of building a 600 sq. ft. pole barn may be around USD $10k. It will go up with increasing square footage. If you have any doubts, you can discuss them with your selected pole barn builder for clarity.

However, one must remember that a larger barn requires more materials. Since lumber prices are too high, you must be sure about the purpose of building this structure. It will help you determine a suitable area size for this construction.

Pole barn features

While it’s a basic pole structure, you can explore many possibilities here. For example, you can insulate the area to expand your barn’s utility. Summer and winter temperatures often make this area inaccessible or uncomfortable due to such temperatures. When you apply insulation, it will be easily accessible throughout the year. You can also add electricity to this property, especially if you visualize it as your workshop or shed/ man cave. Electrical upgrades can be complex or straightforward, as you prefer. Keep a limited number of circuits if you only want electricity to be there. Otherwise, adding an electrical panel will be ideal. 

Building a pole barn can be the best way to maximize the functionality of your land. You can use the constructed structure to do personal or other tasks in multiple ways. A well-built, secluded place will also allow you to seek some me-time with no one around. So, speak to a reputed builder from your city and get all the details. Ask them about their expertise and suggestions regarding the type of pole barn you can build on your land.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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