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Wes Bergmann Net Worth, Age, Career, Early Life, Bio & Relationships

Wes Bergmann is an American entrepreneur and reality Television show personality. He has become successful due to his hard work and skills. There are many youngsters who see him as a source of inspiration. He has gained success at a young age and looks like his popularity will only increase in the coming years. One of his most noteworthy works has been MTV’s reality show named ‘The challenge’. It has become one of the most successful reality TV series and going on for ages. ‘The challenge’ has recently completed 35 seasons. Among all the contestants Wes has been the most favorite of the audiences.

Early Life and Bio

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Wes Bergmann was born on November 24th, 1984 and he is 36 years old currently. He graduated from Arizona State University and completed his degree with success. Even though he had a different career path in mind but he made sure that his studies didn’t suffer. His parents supported his decisions in life and that is why he is very close to them. Wes was born and raised in Kansas and lead a very simple life. He is the founder of BetaBlox and created a great business over the years. The company has gained a lot of fame during these years and its popularity is increasing each day. Since the time he has entered the industry, he has maintained his clean image.

Net Worth and Relationships

Wes has dated few women and they have always been in the limelight. He started dating Johanna Botta but they broke up after a few years. He has always told in his interviews that the breakup was heartbreaking for him. When he met Amanda Hornick things changed and she healed his heart and soul with passion and kindness. After dating for a few years he proposed to her and they got married.

The guest list was huge and his marriage was a grand affair. He chose to have healthy recipes for the dinner as he is a health-conscious freak. The couple doesn’t have a child yet and kept a dog who they consider as their own kid. The total net worth of Wes is estimated to be around $500 thousand.

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Career and participation in ‘The Challenge’

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Wes has been one of the most popular members of ‘the challenge’. His antics and bold moves were loved by people of all ages. He has earned $298,000 from the show while his popularity was also rising. When he stepped into the world of this reality TV series he earned a lot of fame and accolades. He won ‘The Duel’ and ‘Rivals II’ and has reached the finals on ‘Fresh Meat,’ ‘Rivals,’ ‘Champs vs. Pros,’ ‘Champs vs. Stars,’ and ‘War of the Worlds.’ You will be surprised to know that he has taken a part in almost all the 35 seasons. His popularity has maintained his stay over the years. He participated in the following seasons too.

  • The Ruins
  • Fresh Meat II
  • Battle of the Exes
  • The Battle of the Seasons
  • Battle of the Exes II
  • Rivals III
  • War of the Worlds 2
  • The total madness
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