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Wendy Moniz Net Worth, Family, Career & Everything You Need To Know

Wendy Moniz is an American actress who has been very popular all around the globe. She is known for starring in many good movies and television shows. Her hit TV series include Guiding light, Nash Bridges, and the Guardian. She has been a source of inspiration for many people and the new artists always look up to her when it comes to improving their acting skills. She is one of the top senior actresses of all time and if you want to know more about her personal and professional life keep reading all the details below.


Wendy Moniz was born on Jan 19, 1969, and she is currently 51 years old. She was born in a family of normal background but she grew up well leading all the morals and values in life. Her dad’s name is Bob Moniz and her mother is known as Billie Moniz. She is a descendant of Portuguese and Irish background but holds an American Nationality as she has been living there for some time now. Wendy attended a good college in Newyork and completed her BA degree in English and Theater.

Wendy Moniz Husband, Split up, Kids


Wendy got married to her co-star Frank Anthony on October 28th; 2000. He was her co-star in Guiding Light. The couple was blessed with two sons but sadly the couples called it quits in 2001. They were together for long 19 years and it was her second marriage. Her first marriage was with David Birsner and she also has a stepson from the first marriage. When it comes to relationships her personal life has always seen many ups and downs but her professional career kept shinning. She loves to spend time with her children and seems like a good family-oriented woman. All the people she has worked with have good things to share about her.

Wendy Moniz Height and weight

wendy 3

Wendy Moniz is a beautiful and elegant lady. She has kept herself very fit since the time she entered the film and television industry. Everyone always wants to know how she keeps herself fit and looks young. She has a small built and her height is 5 feet and 5 inches. Many people have noticed that her weight is not more than 54 kgs. The hair color and eyes of Wendy are brown in color.

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Career Highlights

Wendy is a popular actress and here we will discuss some of the career highlights:

  • Wendy Moniz made her television debut in 1995 in CBS day time opera named guiding light
  • She appeared in a sitcom television series Battery Park where she starred opposite Elizabeth
  • Wendy played the role of Louisa in the popular American television drama
  • She gave a guest appearance on the popular show Law and Order
  • The ABC drama Betrayal is another hit of her career

Net Worth

Wendy Moniz is one of the most professional and prominent soap opera actresses. She is very well respected in her professional career and earns a good amount of money through her television shows. There is no information about her salary but according to the latest reports, her net worth is $6 million. She leads a lavish lifestyle with her kids and has a big house and many cars.

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