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Welcome to Demon School Season 2 To Debut Soon

The Demon School is an animated series that comes with horror and a mysterious plot. What can you possibly do if a devil comes and keep you as a hostage? Will you run, or cry, or just simply give up? Luckily for Iruma who is the lead character of the Demon school, is taken hostage but he is able to find out who his kidnapper. It turns out that his kidnapper is his loving grandpa who has adopted him just now. The Demon School Season 2 is coming out soon and the fans are excited about it.

Is there a Demon School Season 2?

Iruma is an unlucky child and he is sold to a devil. He finds out that the grandpa who loves apparently is the reason behind his torture. The anime leaves the audience with a question mark. Is the fortunate, or is it just the beginning of a torturous life? Iruma has faced misunderstandings and is troubled in the demon world.  He also has to hide his true identity and cannot tell that he is human. The official website of The Demon School Season 2 has revealed that the series is coming out with a new season soon.

Is there a new poster of Demon School Season 2?

demon school

The Demon School has released a new poster and the fans are super excited. In this poster, we see a look-alike of Iruma who is standing back to back with him. The fans are wondering who the new character is?  What trouble will come in the life of Iruma?

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What is the plot of Demon School Season 1?

Season 1 of The Demon School The series released a total of 23 episodes. The boy is taken to the demon world by a demon called  Sullivan. Iruma has been admitted to the school that is run by demons and he causes troubles at the demon school. In the last episode, we see Iruma realizing that he is fitting in the world of demons. We see Clara and Asmodeus cooking for him and help to cheer him up. Iruma is seen as being attached to the demon world.

What is the plot of Demon School Season 2?

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The preview for Demon School Season 2 was shown in Season 1. In this preview, we see Sullivan who is cheerfully waking up Iruma. The person who wakes up doesn’t look like Iruma and is a completely new person. He is a look-alike of Iruma and has purple hair and is suitable for the befitting of the demon king title.

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Who is Iruma-kun?

Iruma Suzuki is the lead character of Demon School and is sold to a demon by his parents. He is just 14 years old and is sold to the demons. The demon is named Sullivan and takes him to another world. It is a world where the demons resided and are adopted as his grandsons.

Sullivan is the headmaster of the school and he enrolls Iruma in the school. Iruma has never been to a school before, and because of his parent’s neglect, Iruma tries to settle in the demon world.

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