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Weapon Of Choice DX Run-And-Gun Game Launching Soon For Gaming Consoles

Mommy’s Best Games will be releasing their latest game for the gaming console. The video game will be compatible with many gaming consoles. The players can play their run-and-gun game on their consoles. The Game is titled the Weapon of Choice DX! Mommy’s Best Games is a Southern Indiana-based independent developer company and has released many exciting and fun video games for gamers. We have some exciting news for the fans of video games. The weapon of choice DX has a release date as the developers have announced the launch date of the game. The high-energy side-scrolling indie game will be launching soon for all the gaming consoles.

Weapon of Choice DX Release Date

Weapon of Choice DX will be released on various gaming consoles. The video game will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. The video game will be released for the gaming consoles on September 2nd. The players of the video games can get excited as the new and fun game will soon be coming to the gaming consoles.

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Weapon of Choice DX Plot


Weapon Of Choice DX is a story of bizarre, and non-Euclidian gene-combining monstrosities. The monsters have invaded the Earth and have turned the world upside down. The game will feature non-linear options of gameplay. The players will be able to experience a lot of new and power-packed features. The experiences of the players will be out of the world and the players will feel as if they are in the real world. The upgraded video game is designed with the latest technology and the virtual gaming world will look so real.

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Weapon Of Choice DX Features


Mommy’s Best Games recently held a press conference where they talked about their latest release. The press release was held by the game developers and they revealed the features for this game. The new and latest features included in this game are as follows:

  • You will be allowed to choose your Weapon! The players will get the chance to Play through non-linear levels. You will also be able to make dynamic in-level branch decisions!
  • Each playable character will own a special weapon that has two fire modes!
  • The players will get unique playable characters. You will also have a number of playable lives!
  • The players will experience Death Brushing! Unlike traditional one-hit kill games, the players will find it challenging to get out of the tight spot.
  • The players can reap revenge and will get Vengeance Missile!
  • Scale walls and attack the enemies from anywhere with the help of an automated Spiderpack!
  • You can Replay the game and can experience different storylines. The stories will have completely distinct endings!
  • You can enjoy the original music that has a heavy metal guitar soundtrack!
  • The game has a 4K resolution and can be viewed on a wide-screen format, at 60 fps!
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