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WCW veteran Crowbar Reveals His AEW backstage expertise

Crowbar is a talented wrestler who is impressive all the wrestling fans with his performances. Nowadays many wrestling artists are turning to AEW. Even the competition among AEW and WWE is increasing every day. The veteran wrestler recently joined AEW at the Dark elevation. He has recently shared his experiences in the AEW locker room. He feels elevated to meet new people in this company. No matter what the situation he tries to be friendly with all of his colleagues. If you want to know more about his backstage expertise here is more to it:

Crowbar makes his debut at AEW

crowbar 2

Crowbar has made his debut at AEW dark elevation. He is experiencing a lot of new things and he talks about them openly. Here is what he says:

“I’m kind of loose now. I’m late in life,” he states. “I have a family. I’ve done X, Y and Z. Traditionally, my least favorite part of going into a new place, wrestling wise, is meeting new people. I was always kind of a recluse, socially awkward, not that comfortable of a person, and when you first go into a wrestling locker room, etiquette wise, that’s a big deal. For Chris Ford, the socially awkward kid from Rutherford, New Jersey, who is very overweight, had a terrible speech impediment, I’m definitely ADD, ADHD, all that type of stuff. Whenever I would go into a locker room with people, it was a very uneasy feeling and uneasy situation, and you go up and you shake your hand’’.

“You try your best to introduce yourself to everybody. Inevitably, there’s somebody you should introduce yourself to, but you see they’re having a conversation with somebody. Now, do you stop the conversation and say, hey, how are you, or do you wait till they stop? And if you wait till they stop and then they walk on, are you now seen as snubbing them that you didn’t say hello? There’s this whole crazy dynamic that plays worse into a person’s psyche when you go into a locker room’’.

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Crowbar thanks Tony Khan

crowbar 3

As crowbar is set to make his debut at the Dark: Elevation. He takes his twitter to thank Tony Khan for giving him this wonderful opportunity. He also talks about his interaction with Tony backstage. Here is what he says:

“The night of the show, that’s a really big night. I got to say hi. I thanked him for having me. He thanked me for coming there, and that was pretty much the extent of it. It was pretty cool. We got most of our match directions through Joey, and me and Joey being very familiar with each other, we were able to kind of throw our heads together and get the match done.”

Crowbar and Joey Janela have wrestled together many times on Indies before. However Janela won the match with a Death Valley driver. The signature suplex chair move on Janela is worth remembering. It also offers a new wrestling style to many wrestlers.

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