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Was A Reboot For Das Boot Really Necessary?

Das Boot is a German Television series that has gained worldwide popularity. It has now become a franchise with a legacy. Every part of it is so good that fans cannot stop appreciating this masterpiece. All the fans have considered it a franchise as it depicts the true happenings and portrayal of world war two. The realistic portrayal and strong characters have made their way into the hearts of the audience in a very short time.

Das Boot was originally a famous book that was written by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. The story of the book was first adapted into a film that got an Oscar nomination. Later the story was once again taken to make a miniseries. The reboot version of the series came in 2018 and many people have been wondering whether it was really necessary?

Review on Das Boot

das boot 2

Das boot is a successful series that came out with two seasons and 16 episodes were completed. The reboot version has tried to incorporate something different but sadly it couldn’t live up to anyone’s expectation. In fact, it seems that the realistic portrayal in the first two seasons has somewhere been lost here. The series is set in 1942 and it portrays all the happenings of world war two.

There are two parallel storylines that are covered in the series in which there are a German submarine and crew. The story about French resistance also takes the front seat. Some people may feel that the story can confuse them at times however if you follow it closely it will be easy to understand everything. The story also focuses on the life of a woman named Simone who is a German. She is stuck between the duties of her country and also thinking about whether she should help the French win the Nazi war. The reboot begins from the storyline where the film ended and if you haven’t watched the film you may not know what is happening.

Many people have observed that the story of Simone and her character is the weakest. It could have been much better if her character wasn’t very superficial. Sometimes you will fail to understand why some characters are doing something or what is motivating them to do something they shouldn’t be doing.

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Analysis of the characters of Das Boot

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The actors of the series are no doubt talented and they could have done a better job if the content was better. It will turn out to be true for Vicky Krieps who has done a splendid job and she has also done her best with Simone. The character of Simone is confusing as she is torn between love and patriotism. At the beginning of the story you will notice that she is trying hard to save her brother and family but in the later part love and patriotism also takes over.

Simone joins the French movement which doesn’t seem like a good twist and we feel that her character could have been more suitable if the storyline was different. The reboot of the series that has incorporated the ideas from the 21st century doesn’t fit in here. If we talk about the graphics and the modern technology used in the making of this series it is the only plus point we can think about.

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