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Warren Sapp Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Bio & More

Warren Sapp is a former American football player. He has been a team member of Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League. Warren is a talented player and he has also played football for the University of Miami. He is also a part of the Hall of Fame and has gained a lot of fame worldwide. Many people want to know more about Warren Sapp and if you are one of those you have come to the right place. Here are more details regarding his personal and professional life.


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Warren Sapp was born on 19th December 1972 in Orlando. He is 48 years old currently while his height is six feet and two inches. Warren was born and raised by his mother Annie Roberts in Florida. He started studying at Apopka High School and got noticed by other students due to his football skills. If this isn’t enough he started playing football representing his school and gained a lot more attention. He is known for his outstanding skills and has been a linebacker and punter. His mother always supported him when he wanted to pursue his career in football. His weight is 136 kg and his height is also perfect for football.

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Personal Life and Relationships

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Warren got married to Jamiko Vaughn and the marriage went on successfully for 15 years. The couple decided to end their relationship in 2003. He has got two daughters and two sons and he loves to spend time with them. Apart from that, he has been linked with other women but he didn’t want to open it up in front of the media. He has kept his personal and professional life clean and likes to stay away from controversies.

Football Career

Once he completed his school Warren got scholarship offers from many Universities. He started playing as a defensive lineman and has got many awards for playing in the college football team. His professional career started in 1995 when he was drafted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He later switched on to Oakland Riders and signed a new contract of seven years that is worth $36.6 million. He has played around 198 games till now and is one of the few players to win the Super Bowl. If this isn’t enough he has also won defensive player of the year and Pro Bowl Award in the history of the NFL.His fans were disappointed when he announced his retirement in 2015. However, he is working as an analyst for the NFL network and earning well.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Warren happens to be $1 million while his yearly salary is $540 thousand per year. He is one of the highest-paid athletes and is now serving as an analyst in NFL. Warren likes to live a luxurious life and wants to give all the luxuries to his kids. He lives in a big mansion that is spread across a huge area’s he is sending child support and has other expenses he had to go through bankruptcy. He was also arrested for molesting women while participating in a Super Bowl game.

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